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    Deleted photos

    I have learned my lesson when it comes to burning them to CD before working with them for sure! What do you mean by a free yahoo acct? Thanks for all your advice!
  2. queeneene

    Deleted photos

    Hey, thanks! I did use my computer to search a lot, and heard that info later. I called every where and finally found a guy who was so nice and actually checked my computer for about an hour free of charge and couldn't find them, then he took my mem card from my camera and was able to recover them from that even though I deleted them from there too! Cost $150! Expensive, but worth it and much cheaper than anyone else! Thanks so much for the reply and info. Next time I have a problem, I'll have to check here first!
  3. queeneene

    Deleted photos

    I was using videowave movie creator. I had pics on my hard drive I added to a project I was doing. I decided not to use them and when the box popped up asking If I was sure I wanted to delete them I started to click yes before I realized the rest of the box was asking if I wanted them deleted from my hard drive also. What program asks such a question! So I lost all my pics from visiting my grandfather who I may never see again. I'm so depressed and torn up over this! Someone please tell me there is hope of getting my pics back...