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    Pictures & Text Don't Show Up In Storyline

    Thanks. I spent 2 days battling this and found no help through Coral. I finally go so frustrated that I returned NXT Pro reinstalled Creator 2011. I do appreciate your help.
  2. Bill Culbertson

    Pictures & Text Don't Show Up In Storyline

    I just installed Roxio Creator NYT3 Pro. I was using Creator 2011 and updated to NXT3. I have a project that I started in 2011thtI am trying finish in NXT3. T proect loaded in NXT3. All of my color panels pictures how up video wave on Storyline, Time Line and Internal tracts. But the transition and text I put on the color panels and pictures do not show up. In Internal tracts I can see that the text tract has the text but is not showing on the panels or pictures. Ho do I correct tis?
  3. Bill Culbertson

    Roxio Creator .dv Files

    I bought Roxio Creator 2011 in part because of the reputation Roxio has. It is state in the user guide, on the software box, and on the web page that dv is a supported input file. I spent almost $500 geting some old 16mm film digitized to a dv file so I could preserve the film and make some DVDs from this film. Come to find out that dv is not a supported file in Creator 2011. This was discovered after extensive working with Roxio Tech Services. I had to purchase ImToo Video Convertor to conver the dv file to avi which work well in Creator 2011. This was an extra expense on my part. If you are going to digitize to dv file or have dv files I would not recommend Creator 2011.