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  1. No, no, home movies, etc.....
  2. You're absolutely right, I rarely used it, mainly to copy dvd's or music, etc. I guess I just have to go look for a music/video copy program....
  3. Thanks, will do. Looking for something "permanent" no trials.....
  4. Crud. I used it on VIsta and had no problems at all. Can you suggest a cheap/free media suite that I might find on the web? I can't afford to replace Roxio at this time.....
  5. Wondering if Roxio 8 is compatible with windows 8? I have installed it but haven't really tried anything yet as I'm afraid I might screw something up. When it finished installing it did give me approx. 3 error messages saying something about needing a digital driver and please shut off something else that may be using the graphics? I stupidly didn't write it down. Anyone know what that's about?
  6. It worked! Thank you so much! Now, would it be better to save the files to iso instead of .gi? And also, when backing these up to an online backup, I've just been backing up the 2 gb files, should I also be backing up the files with the same name but only 1.44 kb's?
  7. THANKS for your reply, I'll have to wait til later to let you know, at work and of course everything is home on my desktop! : ) I will try as soon as I get home.
  8. Forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place, feel free to move the post where it belongs. I'm a beginner at copying, and fiddling around with dvd's, etc. Please talk to me in kindergarten terms, ha ha. I have home movies on dvd that I want to save to my hard drive (and consequently save to online backup) AND be able to view on my computer without having the actual dvd. I have Roxio 8 (I know, it's old but I hardly ever use it so haven't upgraded). I copied the dvd's I think using sonic record now and it saved the files as .gi's. Each file is around 2 gb's and also has a file with the same name that is 1.44kb's. I'm able to back them up online but when I click on the actual file it just sends me to sonic and asks me to insert a disc to record to. I know there's something I'm not seeing that's stupid but I can't figure it out. I just want to be able to play the file with media player or something as well as be able to save it. Can someone guide this poor dope? Thanks for any help you can offer!!!!!