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  1. I have been a fan of Roxio products for years, and purchased the Roxio Creator 2011 specifically for the AVCHD Archive function. I had been looking for a program that would archive videos recorded on my Sony HD video camera in the ORIGINAL format AND play them on a Blu-Ray player. (it seems like a no-brainer idea. just save the files to a disk that also plays on a player) I had purcased a BluRay burner so I could save lots of footage and minimize the number of discs needed to archive (i.e. I'd rather burn 1 BD-R than 5 DVDs) I've noticed when I use AVCHD Archive it CHANGES the file size. I also notice that it changes the file extension from .mts to .m2ts but my understanding is those two extensions are interchangable. My question is - WHY is AVCHD Archive changing the file size when the help file for AVCHD Archive says "Theres no reformatting or transcoding." ??? Does it change the files? What changes? Why? Please help! I've spent countless hours looking to find a solution to do what AVCHD Archive is "suppose" to do. If it's changing the original files, I'm not sure I've found the solution. PLEASE HELP WITH ANY INFORMATION.