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    Toast 11 - No 3D Mpo Support ?

    How come I have to use Creator 2011 for Windows if I want to work with MPO (3D) files ? I cant believe 3D jpegs have been ignored in a product that took 2 years..... Now Im stuck using windows for the mpo's ...... bummer
  2. jhkilroy

    Making 3D Dvd W/ Fuji W3

    Advice about what ? Why Creator 2011 cant make a disc that puts the tv in 3d mode automatically ? Why would Panasonic care about a Roxio Creator 2011 disc making issue ? Commercial discs go into 3d mode no problem its only creator discs that I have to manually tell the tv 3d side by side. I am the second person who has noted this problem... what gear are you using ? Are Samsung's and Sony's not exhibiting this ?
  3. jhkilroy

    Making 3D Dvd W/ Fuji W3

    Just saw a Best Buy ad for a Samsung 50" 3D Plasma with TWO 3d glasses and Toy Story3 for $969.99 - Thats not too outrages compared to a non 3d 50" plasma.... its coming down. With new video games on the PS3 and xbox coming in 3D its not just about movies.....
  4. jhkilroy

    Making 3D Dvd W/ Fuji W3

    As someone else posted they have the same problem using a Panasonic blu ray 3d player as well. It seems like the disc does not identify itself as 3D when inserted into the player. The PS3 has no problems using retail 3D media so it talks to the Panasonic 3d tv just fine. I think there is a bit flag or something that is being overlooked when Creator makes a 3d avchd disc since this happens on two different players ..... but who knows maybe it has something to do with the Fuji format that is not being done right by Creator (hence the separate post to catch the attention of Fuji W3 users) Does Roxio have any in house 3D gear that they test on ? the basics would be a 3d tv , a 3d blu ray player , a 3d image creator like a Fuji W3 or Aiptek or Panasonic camera. If not how do they even test their stuff ?!? It seems like most people are just playing around making 2d to 3d red/blue type 3d avi's but what about ' real ' 3d avi's guys , does this stuff get tested ?
  5. jhkilroy

    Making 3D Dvd W/ Fuji W3

    When I make a 3D avchd RealD video using my Ps3 for playback and Panasonic 3D Plasma (vt20) I have to manually set the TV to ' side by side ' in its 3D settings , normally it is set to " auto " . Is there a reason the Panasonic cannot tell ? is it the ps3 or the disc or the video setting ? I noticed one other poster mentioning this using a Panasonic blu ray player so I am not sure if its something else.... When I set the 3d manually on the tv the disc plays fine and in 3d stereo with my glasses on. If I do not set it manually I get 2 images side by side on the screen so somehow the tv is not knowing I wanted 3d..... Hopefully the PS3 or Panasonic tv will support 3d-avi natively one day. Until making a playable disc without needing the camera present seems to be the only other viable option.....
  6. jhkilroy

    3D Video On Blu-Ray Player

    I am using a Panasonic Plasma (vt20) and a ps3 blu ray , I think I am seeing the same thing , I have to manually tell the tv side by side if I leave it on ' auto ' in the 3d setting it will not display in stereo just two screens side by side. Is there a way to just make the disc play in 3D without going into the panasonic's menu ?