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    Crop Video Sides

    Nice one Jim. Many thanks, Tad O~
  2. Tad UK

    Crop Video Sides

    That's why I want to crop the image, not shrink i.e remove 25% from each side.
  3. Tad UK

    Crop Video Sides

    Hi all you gurus of VideoWave. I would like to display two videos side by side in the same frame - they are videos of the same action but from different angles. The action is taken by an HD camera so is 16:9 ratio, as per the widescreen production. Therefore to display the two images (presuming the best way is by two overlays on a blank colour pane) I need to crop the edges of the the original videos to 8:9 aspect ratio. When I try to use the zoom and pan tool, I am only able to zoom in with 16:9 ratio. Similarly, using the position tool, I am only able to change the overall percentage size, but not crop the sides of the video. Please let me know if I'm going about this in the right way or if there is a better way of doing it Regards, Tad O~[/font]