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  1. i watched the video stab tutorial and it seemed straight forward but when i go to stabilize i only get one icon in the play line. the video seems to indicate i should get a start and stop icon (looks like a yellow house). how do i indicate where to stop the stabilization! thanks. jim
  2. jim v

    Problem Trimming Video

    excellent! just what i was looking for. thanks for being on the forum! jim
  3. jim v

    Problem Trimming Video

    thanks skinis and red wagon. i figured out with your help that the interior trim icon doesn't appear in storyline, just timeline. thanks a bunch for your help. is their an on line video tutor bank i can go to to help with my questions? again, timeline view did the trick! thanks! jim
  4. i just loaded creator pro 2011 and i already have a problem. i understand beginning and end trimming in video wave but i can not find the screen that allows me to trim in between the beginning and end. ie. delete a portion of the clip in the middle or several portions in the middle. i can not find the screen that is mentioned in the manual with the trim point wedges. just the trim front and end shows when i select trim tool.can someone help? at this point i probably don't even know enough to understand the answer so please bear with me! thanks!