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    A Script On This Movie

    Hi every time I try to do anything in Photoshop it freezes and tells me it is not responding. The it responds after a while and a message briefly flashes on the screen saying A Script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player to run slowly. I don't know what else it says as it only flashes briefly. I have looked it up on the net and no one seems to have a fix for this.I have Win 8 and the latest Photoshow and the latest flash player. It really it making this program not worth using for me. Can anyone help.
  2. IrisMay

    Importing Photos

    \it is V6 Build 872 and is standalone I think.
  3. IrisMay

    Importing Photos

    I have a folder of photos that I wish to make into a photoshow. Whenever I import them they dont start at the first one. How can I make them import in order. In other words the fist one first and so on.
  4. IrisMay

    Can't Burn To Disk In Photoshow

    Thank you sknis I didn't do all the things you said but I did make another photoshow and used the music that photoshow selected and the photoshow burned just fine. It looked great on TV. Great product! I just need to find out how I can use music ripped from my cd's in the programme. Thank you again, I was just about to forget all about it. Thanks Iris
  5. IrisMay

    Can't Burn To Disk In Photoshow

    Re the music Photoshow only seems to want MP3 being an oldie (70) I dont have a MP3 player therefore no music for one. How do I turn music ripped from a CD into MP3 or is that not possible. Thanks Iris
  6. IrisMay

    Can't Burn To Disk In Photoshow

    My Photoshow is Version 6.0.0. Build 836 It is a new download My antivirus was running when I installed it The fourth photo is the same as the previous ones just a continuation of photos downloaded from my camera in one batch. They are JPEG images. I see nothing to cause it to hang. It plays the opening then four photos,but although I have added a song to these four photos, it does not play that song but rather it plays the music that comes with the style (opening credits) Then the next photos to which I have added a different song it does not play. It wouldn't accept my music so I downloaded some MP3 songs which I got off a Chinese website which allowed free downloads There are no videos included My computer is a Dell Inspiron 545 with 4gb ram pentium Dual-core CPU 2.50 GHZ. Thanks Iris
  7. I purchased the new photoshow premium over the net and made a photo show but under share it wont burn to disk. It says it is one percent done and has about an hour and a half to go. After and hour and a half it still says 1% and one minute to go. On three occasions I have waited 2 hours and still the sme result. I have Windows 7 and realize that maybe I shouldn't have bought it as it doesn't sayt that it is for Windows 7. I just assumed as Windows 7 is not new anymore. Also too when I try to play the photoshow on my computer it only plays the opening credits and about 3 photos after. Will this be the same on the disc if I can ever burn it. Cheers Iris