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    Dvd-Rw Wrong Discs?

    Thanks a lot for your time, guys. The only info I can give at present is that both discs were TDK according to the packaging. I will try the freeware you suggest, mackado, and will post results.
  2. edjomoto

    Dvd-Rw Wrong Discs?

    I have just installed Creator2011 on Widows XP and am pleased with the results of small clips from my very basic digital camera. I have burned these to DVD+R 1-16x speed but they only take up a fraction of the available space. I tried to burn the same clip to DVD-RW x4speed (the only RW speed I have managed to find) but I get Failed to burn Extended error 0x80041024. I also tried burning photos to this RW but got the same error message. Is there a RW disc that should be used for this task? Thanks in anticipation.