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  1. I am trying to split the video and add a graphic without disturbing the native audio at all - in other words, my narrative should continue while the video changes. At present I have been unable to keep the native audio from splitting along with the video. Can anyone help? Thanks
  2. editbeginner

    Video And Native Sound

    I am editing an instructional video of me talking. I wish to insert a graphic (such as colorboard with writing)into a portion of the video without disrupting the native sound. I have been unable to manipulate the video without doing the same splits and cuts to the native sound. I suppose what I need to do is edit video and native sound separately. Does anyone have suggestions on how to do this, or any way to add graphics into a section of video and leave the sound intact? Thanks. DS
  3. editbeginner

    Video And Native Sound

    Thanks for the respnses. Adding the graphic as overlay sounds like a good solution. I want the audio to continue through the graphic uninterrupted. Hate to be such a neophyte, but I'm so far unable to add a color panel or any other graphic to the Overlay track - any idea what I'm doing wrong? Thanks