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  1. Ott665

    Imac Dvd Restrictions

    Does anyone here know how to circumvent the 5 x change limit Apple has imposed on computers? I first played a Region 2 DVD on my iMac and had to switch the setting from Region 1 to 2, then at a later time I played a Region 1 DVD and had to switch back. Now the message I got was that I had used 2 of the 5 possible changes and therefor only have 3 left. Surely there must be a way to get around this? Any help is appreciated.
  2. Ott665

    Vhs Or Beta

    Next question I do have Toast 10, do I nees to purchase "Easy VHS to DVD" or can I get away with buying the "Roxio Video Capture USB"? I believe "Easy VHS to DVD" has a limited version of Toast 10 included therefor I think I would be duplicating but I want to make sure I can edit video's before burning to DVD.
  3. Ott665

    Unable To Burn A Dvd Using Video Ts Folder

    Can you point me in the right direction??
  4. Ott665

    Unable To Burn A Dvd Using Video Ts Folder

    OK I am new too and also trying to learn. I am trying to copy / burn a (legally purchased by me) video but am getting the following message. "The disc is CSS encrypted,Region 2,5 and cannot be copied" Is there any way around this?
  5. Ott665

    Vhs Or Beta

    My question is two-fold. Can this software capture Beta Video as I still have some very good Beta movies (remember Sony Beta recorders) and secondly will DVD's burned be able to be played on a regular DVD player hooked up to my TV or does it need to be played on the computer, in my case an iMac and possibly using MacTV, which I don't own at present??
  6. Ott665

    Europe Vs North America

    I believe I have the same question/problem as "macmidiguy" but just to be on the safe site here is my question/problem. I have this video (movie) from Europe, it is Pal and Region 2. I can play it on my iMac but my DVD player connected to my TV doesn't recognize it. I have been looking for software to change it to Region 1 which I believe is for North America. I found something on the web that let me make a disk image but once burned I ended up with another Pal DVD. Before I put my hopes on Toast 10 I would like to know if it will convert from Pal to the North American version. Any help / insight is appreciated. My OS is 10.6.4 (Snow Leopard)