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    Toast Needs 2 Dvds To Copy Music Dvd

    The Verbatim are what I ordered online. I have the Oppo Blu-ray universal player BDP-83SE. However, most DVD players today will play back DVD-Rs using either 96K/24 or 192K/24 audio files, as long as you don't have them set to downsample, or your multichannel preamp/receiver doesn't downsample them. HDTT, Soundkeepers, and some other labels offer such hi-res DVD-Rs - I think the 96K ones are the perfect answer for the ultimate two-channel fidelity. Don't know why more audiophile labels are not offering them. You should try some of the HDTT recordings - made with super gear mostly from pre-recorded commercial 2-track tapes of years ago! Here's an article I wrote on them: http://www.audaud.com/article.php?ArticleID=1443 Sorry to hear Toast can't do 192K but I can't hear it anyway. I also have some 88.2K and 176.4K audio files - now THOSE are a problem. (from M•A Recordings and Reference Recordings).
  2. johnhenry

    Toast Needs 2 Dvds To Copy Music Dvd

    Thanks and greetings from Portland to Eugene! I read about the differences between DL and normal DVDs and + vs. - and just ordered 3 of the DVD+R DLs for $6 at Amazon. Hadn't known about DL blanks. On the FLAC, I had no intention of keeping it compressed. I have struggled with Max but just downloaded XLD which is reported to be better for Macs. I'm just hoping Toast will retain the 192K resolution after I burn the DVD-R; guess I'll find out.
  3. johnhenry

    Toast Needs 2 Dvds To Copy Music Dvd

    I've copied many CDs using Toast 8's copy function and today for the first time tried to copy a region-free music DVD which I guess must be two layers. I got: "Not enough space - needs 6.99GB and DVD is only 4.38GB." I then tried to import the two folders on the original DVD into both DivX and DVD-Video on Toast. I was able to drag in the Video folder, but when I dragged the Audio_TS folder I got: "an unsupported format and cannot be imported." What are my options, if any? Would the latest update to Toast allow me to do this? Also, any tricks to converting 192K FLAC files to AIFF to burn on a CD-R in Toast (and keeping them at 192K)?