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    Video Overlay Tracks

    thank you copy and paste work very well I didn't realize it would work the same way as my music program that's what I get for trying to do something at 1:30 in the morning as far as the way I was trying to set it up I had one shot of me singing the entire song which I was using for the main track. as the first overlay track I had a nother camera angle of me singing the entire song. As the second overlay track I have myself playing rhythm guitar for the entire song. The third overlay track is me playing bass for the entire song. The fourth overlay track is me playing lead guitar for the entire song. The fifth overlay track is me doing a lead solo. I synchronized the music with the first main track of me singing. Then do the same thing for each of the overlay tracks synchronizing them to the music. Then I go back to each overlay track and cut out all of the parts I don't need, this is the easiest way to get everything synchronized.
  2. gripyournuts

    Video Overlay Tracks

    The way I have it at the moment I hit add photo video put in my main scene, then I had my music. I hit add photos video again choose my second scene and hit and has overlay take out all the parts I don't want save it. Go back to the first clip in that track, highlight it click add photo video and click add as overlay again. At this point I had two overlay tracks. when I try and add the third track in the same manner highlighting the first clip in overlay two then clicking add photo video selecting the video and choosing add has overlay, it places the video on overlay one, instead of placing it on overlay three. Am I missing something simple?
  3. gripyournuts

    Video Overlay Tracks

    I've recently purchased Creator 2011+ and I am making my first video. It's a music video for a song that I've done I'm using one music track one main video track and I am trying to use overlay tracks to mix in other clips but I'm only able to add two overlay tracks correctly. Every time I tried to add a third track the video gets placed on the first overlay track. I've seen in a couple other places on this forum that there are five overlay tracks. Has anyone else had this problem and does Roxio even know about.