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    Apple's Keynote

    Hello All, Running into some issues in trying to create a DVD using a .MOV created through a QuickTime export out of Apple's Keynote. I can't seem to burn a high-quality DVD using either iDVD or TOAST 10 Platinum. I exported the .MOV from Keynote at 1920 x 1080. The quality of both the movie and the menu page are terrible with banding and blur. I was told from an Apple Techie that iDVD wouldn't work for whatever reason and TOAST would be the ideal option unless I wanted to get the Final Cut Suite with DVD Pro. I was also told the DVD burner in my brand new iMac would not burn a high-resolution DVD which I find hard to believe. He recommended TOAST and a Blue-Ray burner to get the quality I'm looking for. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Can anyone make any recommendations? Thanks... Joe
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    Flash Media

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll give it a try.
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    Hello All, Being new to the HD/Blue-Ray video production world, I was curious if anyone can recommend an HD/Blue-Ray BURNER? I am working on a new iMac. I thought by using the Apple software (iMovie, iDVD, etc.) that I would be able to accomplish my task. However, after trying to create my project numerous times with the Apple software and hardware with limited success, but no HD, I called Apple Support. At that point I discovered I needed DVD Studio Pro ($999 with Final Cut Pro) and a BURNER, as the built-in DVD burner is limited to basic DVD resolution. The Tech Support Specialist recommended TOAST 10 PLATINUM as a software option, but did not have a burner option. I am looking for a reasonably priced recommendation for a HD/Blue-Ray BURNER to add to the system. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. FireWire would be nice, but at this point anything to accomplish this task would be great. Thanks in advance to anyone that can make a recommendation or two! Best regards to all. Joe
  4. JoeMolnar

    Flash Media

    Hello All, This is my first post and pardon me if I'm way off base, but here goes... I am developing an HD/Blue-Ray video for a retail store application and was wondering, since many players now have SD Readers, if it is possible to BURN a file to an SD Card that can be read by the HD/Blue-Ray player? Any direction in this area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks... Joe