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    Error Burning Cd And Dl Dvd

    I have tried to do multiple CDs, but that has been counter productive because the second one will usually crash. For the most part, I have just done single CDs. The template is saved, so that's covered -- and I have actually made new templates several times to hopefully avoid corruption. I have had some success in shutting down Toast in between burnings and reopening it, however, that doesn't help consistently -- CDs still crash. I have had better luck with rebooting the Mac, but that also hasn't always helped a whole lot -- and seems to be helping less. I tend to rule out an incompatibility with the brand of CD-Rs that I'm currently using (TDK) because: if that were it, none of the CDs should burn -- but most do. My MacBook Pro is about 3 1/2 years old and I have burned a lot of CDs and DVDs without problems until last week. I'm not familiar with the MBP's you mentioned. My drive is the Matshita DVD-R UJ-857E that came on the machine. I'm truly grateful for your reply. The issues you raised I think have been addressed here, but without success. So, I'm still in a quandary and open to new ideas.
  2. Burtkettinger

    Error Burning Cd And Dl Dvd

    I too am having difficulty burning audio CDs. I'm on OS 10.6.6 and using Toast 10. Typically, I can burn one CD just fine, but if I try to do a second, it usually crashes and I get the same error message you've been discussing - "Sense Code 0X03". I've also gotten several other errors: Sense Codes: "0X73, 0X03"; "0X03, 0X01"; or "Ox02 NO SEEK COMPLETE". Things seem to have worked best when I reboot the MacBook Pro. I also zap the PRam -- which you're not supposed to have to do, but I find it often seems to clear the cobwebs. However, even these measures don't always do the trick. So of course, a CD is wasted and time as well going through the rebooting process. I've also repaired permissions and all that stuff, but to no avail. What do do?
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    Thanks, that's interesting. The Jam I used was in the 6 family, so it goes back a ways. I wonder why, if it's been a known problem, they haven't gotten it fixed! I've done some further experimenting since our last notes. I saved my material as a disc image. Interestingly, it still has the glitch when played, so that doesn't get us around the problem. Further, I just burned a CD and played it on a CD player without any glitch. Humph! In the process, I discovered that the glitch sounds wherever the cue is marked. Since I like to be able to pull up any trax right at the beginning of a given song, the glitch always sounded there. However, if I move the cue back into the song a bit, wherever it is placed, that's where the glitch sounds. I wonder if they are aware of that nuance.
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    Thanks, but I did say it was a playback issue. I have not burned to a CD, nor will I likely do so. The problem does not show up when setting the crossfade -- only when playing back. The problem did not exist when Toast and Jam were separate, so it seems to be with the combined Toast 10. I'm still faced with what to do? Thanks anyway.
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    I've been using Jam for years and have made extensive use of crossfades. I was very pleased to learn that Toast 10 continued that same technology when they combined Toast and Jam. I'm on a MacBook Pro, using OSX 10.6.5. As a singer, I play my accompaniments (aiff files - 16 bit) through Toast 10 (now) and continue to set up crossfades. However, when playing these from the computer through a sound system, there is now a glitch at the front end of every crossfade. Anyone else experience that or have any suggestions as to how to fix? The audio glitch is not acceptable during a concert! HELP!