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  1. I removed Toast 7.1 and put back 7.0.1 from the CD. I have now successfully burnt the EyeTV recording of "Rome, Open City" from FilmFour on to a DVD-R. I'm now going to try it with a DVD-RW.


    So it's beginning to look like a Toast 7.1 bug, not a FilmFour copy protection issue.



    Glad I came back and checked before trying the longer workaround. Have also just gone back to 7.0.1 and it seems to be working. Fingers crossed. Thanks. Glad FilmFour seems to be blameless - though why is it only their channel that appears to be causing problems? Thanks. :)

  2. I am so glad to find it isn't just me having problems with FilmFour. It is a real pain if copy protection is the answer. I've tried burning Lost in Translation and The Motorcycle Diaries - neither of which worked. It is only EyeTV recordings from this channel that are affected for me. Does anyone know, was FilmFour always like this when it was a "paid for" channel or is it only now it is free?


    Will try marmot's solutions and see if they work for me.