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  1. I made a slideshow using Videowave. When watching the slideshow directly in the Videowave, it looks just fine. Each picture is shown with the transition. However when I upload to Youtube or produce a video (NTSC, AVCHD 1920x1080/24p), some pictures are not shown, In some sections there is just black screen. What happened?
  2. I'm using Roxio Creator NXT with Windows 8. When I click on the "Add background audio" and then "Media Selector" I try to select My music folder on my PC. The dropdown menu quickly disappears without letting me navigating to my music library. Can't select, can't scroll up or down, can't click on any folder. Please advise.
  3. Every time I open Picasa or Windows Media Player I get a message from Roxio CinePlayher Decoder Pack that it's searching for CPDP.msi file and cannot locate it. What is CPDP.msi and where do I find it and get the error message to go away. Even if I close the error messatge or cancel it, it keeps coming back over and over again.