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  1. Hi Cdanteek, I did an automatic install where every thing gets downloaded, opposed to a custom one, but I don't see this WinDVD any where in my computer. So it seems that I did not get it.. Attached is a screenshot of the files I got after install. I must say, that I have reinstalled the software after some computer place uninstalled and reinstalled my Windows, and left me with a clean hard drive. I have a Roxio disc, that I got when I bought the software last year, but I had saved my downloads, and that is what I used instead. I can't tell you for sure, but I don't think I had this WinDVD before either. I checked 'Search" again, and I see there a number of these WinDVD in there, but I have no idea which one is the one that will play my DVD's and work with Windows 8.1, or even if I should try any of them. I hope you can give some advice. If it is supposed to come with my download, would there be some way to still get it? I also found today that my Windows Media Player is not playing my home videos either, as I thought it would. It plays the movies I have downloaded in my computer, but it wont play my DVD's. Thank you,
  2. Does Creator NXT 3 have a software you can use to play movies that have already been downloaded to my computer? Last year, I upgraded my Roxio Creator 2010 to Creator NXT 3. I have it in my Windows 8.1 laptop. It is working fine with what I usually use it for, which is retouching and refurbishing old photos. I recently decided to watch some home videos that I have saved in my computer, but I can't find the software I used to use for that when I had either Easy Media creator 9 Suite, or maybe Creator 2010 (don't remember for sure which one had it) It was something called Cine Play which was part of Roxio Media Experience. I checked all the Roxio apps that where created when I installed this NXT version, but can't not find such a thing. I also looked in "Search" and in Google, and all I can find is some Cine Player that is some kind of decoder that you can buy separately. I am not sure if that is the same thing. Can someone tell me if NXT 3 have this software or something else that I can use just to watch the home movies I save to my computer? I am fine with DVD's, and Windows Media Player will play most of them, but I really like the platform of the Roxio player. Besides, I am not sure If I will be able to use WMP when I upgrade my computer to Windows 10. Thank you, I have Toshiba Satellite laptop with Windows 8.1, IE 11, Webroot AV.
  3. Thanks, and thanks for working being patient with me all these months.
  4. This is what I wanted to post. It is the same as before, but I use JPG file instead of putting them on a MS Word first. Thank you
  5. Will try to post diresctly to thread. I have done many of these photos for friends, and I think they are not too bad. Was trying to put photos here, but I can't get them to show. They go in, but when I post they then don't show. Don't know why. Well, better forget about it.
  6. I don't see the "After" images with the ones you posted here. There are two images in each file I attached, a Before and an After. Were you able to see the After ones? I thought they were pretty good myself, considering how bad they were. I sent them just to show what I have done with the software I had. If you didn't see the After image, would you check again and let me know if they are not there? I do see them when I go on my own post and click on them. The open fine with MS Word Thanks
  7. I really would like to play with something like that. It is my hobby. If you wouldn't mine pm me and let me know how to get something like that, and if it would work with W8.1 Thaks
  8. Thank you. Since this version is so old, I put it in XP. I don't know what I will do when it quits since my other computer is a W8.1. Thanks for the warning Thanks Trying attachement again. Think last time didn't click "Attach this file" Roxio post 2.doc post 3.doc Post 4.doc
  9. I am finally working on the photo project I was doing when my Roxio Creator 2010 quit on me, and I am doing it in my XP using Roxio Never thought it would happen. After about 8 months of trying to reinstall with no luck, I was preparing my Windows 8.1 for a new NXT Version, afraid that this version would not do what I needed it for. Recently, I had downloaded Roxio Media Creator 9 from some old files I had saved in my external driver. This version installed, and I had an icon, and the files went fine into my HD. All the programs were there, but only a couple of them would work. Not wanting to give up yet, I decided to download MSXLM, and wham! Everything started to work. In (Post1) of this thread, Skins had told me about this file , but I wasn’t sure if this software was going to help with the MediaWave skin problem I had before I uninstalled Creator 2010, or if it was going to help me to reinstall. I couldn’t get the answer to that, so I just kept trying other things that were coming in. I don’t know how long this is going to work, but I am so happy, I have been working on my project almost non stop, and now I am almost finished. Easy Media Creator 9 is similar to Creator 2010, so I can use it for the same things I used Creator 2010 for. I wanted to show some of the stuff I am doing, so I attached some samples to show you. Thanks,
  10. Thanks, I will prepare the computer, and find a program. Now I am looking into the drivers. Actually Toshiba offers some updates on Toshiba Service Station, and they warn me when there are new ones. But, I have to install them myself. Before continuing I have to ask them a question because there is a REALTEC AUDIO DRIVER Update. It says that I have to uninstall the old one manually before installing the update, but when I go to my programs, there is a REALTECH "HIGH DEFINITION" AUDIO DRIVER, and I don't know if this is what I have to uninstall. I don't know if they are the same thing because one says High Definition, and the new update doesn't have that in the name. I don' t want to remove the wrong thing. I will go to the site and check what they have there, first. Thanks Just caught a mistake here. I am supposed to go to the intel web instead for the updates. I will check that out right now.
  11. I have been posting to this thread for so long, that I forgot I had the "Installation" one open. That is why I posted the Diagnostics here. I am sorry about that. I am glad you found them here. So, W8.1 will be what I use. Reviewing what I need to do, to see if I understand it all. Update video drivers. (from Toshiba site) Check if there is new driver for audio chip, and update Switch font size to 100% - 96 dpi Get a NXT version Install as administrator, not with a compatability setting Turn off AV and antimalware Questions I do not log into my computer, I open directly to Windows. In Users I have the name as Owner, Administrator. Is that all I need to install as administratror, or is there something else, I need to do? What do you mean, by "not a Compatibility Setting". I thing, I can handle the rest. Thank you
  12. I would like to know which of these 2 computers would be better equiped to accomodate a video, photo and music editing program. I sent the Diagnostics of my Windows XP and Windows 8 for Evaluation. Thanks 8.1 DxDiag.txt XP DxDiag.txt
  13. I had Creator 2010 installed in my Widows XP/SP3. I had some problem and had to uninstall it, with the hope to fix it by reinstalling. I have tried all suggestions in the Internet and in the Community to uninstall/reinstall, and still can't reinstall. Could someone give me a suggestion of a version that would be the most similar to Creator 2010 so I can buy it and download it to my Windows 8.1. I was working on a project that uses Photo Suite to edit and refurbish old photos, I also need it to edit videos, music, and convert audio casette and video tapes from VHS to discs, Any suggestions would be appreciated. The only problem that I may have is that I had Creator 2010 in Windows 8.1, but that got removed completely when they performed a Windows restoration. Would that be a problem? Thanks
  14. Thanks Sknis. It is not so much that I don't know much about computers. It is more that I don't know as much as you guys do, especially about Roxio. That is why I ask so many questions. I have reinstalled Roxio several times before, but something has changed now, and I can't get it back. I have asked in 2 local places, both told me they didn't work with Roxio. One said they could try, but that they have to do Windows Restore first, and start all over from clean. The other one said, that if in all this time, the guys in the Community , haven't been able to help, their chances of being successful would be much less.. I can't count on my kids or grandkids. Actually, in my home, I am the geek everybody goes to for computer help.I You guys were my last hope. Since I have talked in this Community about how I came to lose my installation, I have asked more than once for suggestion of which version would be the most similar to the one I was using, so I can download it in my Windows 8.1, but nobody seems to want to answer that. I went and asked in Sonic Stores Customer Service, but they said they couldn't answer that question and sent me to another address to try. I went there, but could not find anything there either. I contacted Corel, that seems to be the new place to go for help with Roxio sales. They suggested the newest NXT version, but they would not say if there would be a problem donwnloading and installing after I had Roxio in that computer, even though that got uninstalled when the local geeks did a Windows Restoration in that computer. I have always bragged about how great Roxio was, and how helpful the community had been with me, and now I just feel very sad and dissapointed. I would appreciate it very much if anybody wants to take chance and help me keep troubleshooting, or give me a suggestion of the version most similar to Creator 2010, so I can try downloading it in my Windows 8.1. And please, let me know if you thing if having had the software previously downloaded in it could be a problem. Thanks