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    Reinstalling Dla On A Dell Laptop

    Hi, You are absolutely right and I did but all the stuff about Vista made me think it was not relevant for me situation. So just a case of my being kinda new to this and not very technical. Thank you for your efforts though. It's so nice how total strangers help you like this, and I really appreciate it. All the best, Amalia
  2. What Brendon suggested worked beautifully and he was so nice too!

  3. amalia

    Reinstalling Dla On A Dell Laptop

    Hi Brendon, No need to apologize for geography Your help is greatly appreciated and what you suggested worked perfectly! Thank you so much. Have a wonderful day, Amalia
  4. amalia

    Reinstalling Dla On A Dell Laptop

    Yes, thank you.
  5. amalia

    Reinstalling Dla On A Dell Laptop

    I did - thanks for your help.
  6. amalia

    Reinstalling Dla On A Dell Laptop

    Thanks but unfortunately the laptop is out of warranty and Dell won't even talk to me Any other suggestions? Or am I out of luck and have to re-purchase (what's the Roxio equivalent?) or find some other software? Thanks again!
  7. Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop with WinXP Media Center Edition 2005. When I bought it 5 years ago it came with DLA which enabled me to use drag-and-drop to burn CDs and DVDs. Recently, the computer was damaged, which required me to reinstall WinXP and all the drivers. Since my laptop did not come with a reinstall CD, I had to use one from a friend, who also has a Dell with the same version of WinXP. I also reinstalled all the drivers from her drivers CD and the updates from Dell's website. I also ran all MS Windows updates on the OS to bring it up-to-date to WinXP SP3. However, the CD/DVD drive now no longer support DLA. I would very much like to reinstall this feature which I found to be very convenient. Dell lists the drive on the original configuration shipping list as: DVD+/-RW..., 8X, IDE (INTEGRATED DRIVE ELECTRONICS) ..., NEC The computer's Device Manager currently lists it as _NEC DVD+-RQ ND-6650A, and that it is working properly. Is there a way to reinstall or reactivate this software/feature, which came with my computer but which I lost in the OS reinstallation? Thank you, Amalia