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    Adding A Picture To A Picture

    In 2008 I created a PhotoShow, using I believe PhotoShow 5 and was able to add my own Clipart to a picture. For example a picture of Indigenous children at the end of a cave. I can't find where to do that in PhotoShow 6. Any suggestions?
  2. I continue having multiple problems with the latest PhotoShow that I created. I have twice tried to burn the PhotoShow to DVD, using the computer that has complete Roxio music files;it indicates that it recognizes the external burner and starts copying files, however, after 18 hours, yes 18 hours, it is 49% complete and for hours tells me there is 1 minute left. When I finally eject the DVD there is nothing on it. What is going on? On the other hand, on my other computer with which I have a problem with incomplete Roxio music files, I have succesfully burned the PhotoShow to DVD using the same external burner.
  3. Bikingbabe

    Fitting Images In The Tv Safe Zone

    Thank you so much for your suggestion. I used my existing Photoshop Elements 6 software and was able to resize pictures at 85% and now they now appear in full size.
  4. Bikingbabe

    Music Will Not Play In My Photoshow

    I don't understand the word "Build". When I open PhotoShow I see nothing that indicates "Build", is it a number? and I can't find an "about" anywhere. Anyway, I had a computer technician over to work on some problems with my computer, including the fact that certain Roxio provided music does not play in my created PhotoShow on one of two computers. What he discovered is that on my one computer, with the exact same PhotoShow 6, the music selections do play and the music files are larger and complete whereas on the computer where they don't play, the music files are smaller and incomplete. He went somewhere in the music file on the computer where the music played, copied it on a memory stick and then installed it on the other computer. This allowed the music to also play in that PhotoShow. He indicated that I would probably have the same issue with other music provided by Roxio, and he was right. I re-downloaded PhotoShow 6 but it did not update the music as the problem remains. Any suggestions?
  5. Bikingbabe

    Music Will Not Play In My Photoshow

    Thank you for your reply. I do use some of my own music that I have ripped and works fine. The music I am also trying to use is part of the PhotoShow 6 software that is available to me as part of the PhotoShow music selection. If it is DRM protected why make it available to people who are creating PhotoShows that will be put on DVD's for later viewing?
  6. Bikingbabe

    Music Will Not Play In My Photoshow

    I am finding that many of the added music, such as New Age, will play fine when I click on the selection but, will not play in the PhotoShow. I have PhotoShow 6 and create stricktly on my desktop. I don't post it to my Web page.
  7. Clicking on the X on a picture does not delete it. I have to repeatedly click on the X and it may delete or it also starts deleting other pictures.