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  1. This is weird--the company I work for has owned Toast 9 for about a year and a half, and have updated it a few times. Today I clicked on the Toast icon on my iMac (running Snow Leopard 10.6.5 with 8 GB of RAM) and got this error message: "Sorry, this pre-release version has expired. Please contact Roxio for a release version or a new beta." There are two buttons at the bottom of the dialogue box--OK or "Buy Now!" I do know that Toast 10 had a glitch with a recent update that would erroneously warn that it was a beta version, but that had been fixed with 10.8 (I saw that on my personal copy of Toast 10 on my home computer). I don't recall hearing any problems with Toast 9 (which is on my work computer) giving out weird error messages. The company bought Toast 9, and I don't think they want to upgrade to 10 just yet. So it gives me this weird message, and then shuts down Toast so I can't use it. Not a huge killer at the moment, since in a pinch I can always use the OS disc-burning feature to burn a data CD or DVD in an emergency. But I'd really like to have the full functionality back! Is this some sort of method of getting end-users to upgrade to the latest edition--upgrade or we'll hold your old version hostage? :-) I hope not! --Kent S. Smart Color Printing