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    Importing Multiple Avchd Files Into Videowave

    I ran all the Canon AVCHD generated video clips through the Roxio Video Copy & Convert program in Creator 2011 Pro and output to Blu-ray, H.264, 1080, Highest Quality (i.e. 28000 kbps). The file type as Windows reads it goes from AVCHD to MP4. These new files went smoothly into VideoWave. I exported a few minutes worth through DVD Creator to a Blu-ray RE disk and the video look virtually identical to when I play them from the Canon via HDMI cable onto a 47" HDTV. One additional setting note is I used "Original" on the DVD Creator quality setting. Therefore, I think Videowave does not like to AVCHD format that the Canon Vixia HFS100 creates. I just now noticed I have the camera set to PF30 (progresive, 30 fps) and it says "Standard" next to the IF60 (interlaced, 60 fps), so that may be the issue. There is another option for PF24 which is also a fairly standard format. I also noticed the camera is set for 25 Mbps(25000 kbps) and I'm converting to 28000 kbps, so that is possibly overkill. Anyway, I'm all set for now. I'll try some different camera settings in the future and see if I can avoid the conversion step.
  2. SiO2Man

    Importing Multiple Avchd Files Into Videowave

    Camera is Canon Vixia HFS100, copied to HDD. Ultimately the video will be about an hour and burned to a Blu-ray disk. I don't think it a RAM problem because if I only put two small AVCHD files, totaling 300MB, I still have the same problem. It chokes on the second file, utlimately loads it, but displays a Do Not symbal (red cirle with slash through it) in the timeline. This happens for second and all additional files. The program goes in and out of "Not Responding" while it chews on the file. Has anyone put together a large AVCHD Videowave movie and not had a problem? What is your computer setup? I read online that editing AVCHD directly is generally a problem. Should I run it through the Copy and Convert program and convert it to the H.264 format that Roxio spits out?
  3. I'm having a problems importing multiple AVCHD files into VideoWave. The first file goes in fine, and subsequent files (scenes) are very slow to import. I've tried dropping them in, importing, one at a time, all at once and it doesn't make a difference. When the files are finally imported, only the first scene/file has an image in the storyline, however the whole video does play. When I save, close and re-open the production, it takes a very, very long time to open the file, appearing to bog down in loading each scene again. I have 64-bit i7-920, with 6 Gigs DDR3, and a Radeon 4670 512MB video card. The video card is a little dated, but I don't think that is the problem because the first file load pefectly, and adding just one more file/scene causes all the problems. Any ideas? Ultimately I want to add an hour of AVCHD files split up into about 80 different files, edit them into a movie and burn them onto a Blu Ray disk. I have Roxio 2011 Pro.