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    How Do I Mount .sd2F Images From Older Version Of Toast?

    Thanks, tsantee, for your suggestions. I followed your instructions and indeed my .sd2f files are recognized by Toast and the tracks can be played by those methods. However, my real goal was to be able to mount them as virtual CDs so that iTunes can import them, which is what I was able to do with Toast 8. Having explored Toast 11.1 a bit more since my first post, I found something else about this that makes this situation even more puzzling. I found that Toast 11.1 still enables you to create an .sd2f image file from a CD ("Save As Disc Image" command-D), but won't turn around and mount what it just created. It also provides the option to "Save As Bin/Cue…" but it won't mount images created by that technique either. Why would it create image files it doesn't support? Granted, it will play the tracks from those files by the technique you described, but the "Mount Disc Image" utility command won't mount them. I'm wondering what type of disc images that command will mount? The Toast Help document does describe "Mounting Disc Images" but doesn't say what types of image files it will mount.
  2. I recently installed Toast 11.1 on my new Mac mini (OS X 10.8.3) and discovered to my disbelief that I cannot mount my old disc images (.Sd2f from audio CDs), of which I have at least 150. These image files were created on my old Mac G4 with Toast 8, and were never a problem there. Toast 11.1 still has the "mount image" utility but it doesn't even do the courtesy of giving me an error message to explain its inability to mount my image files. How do I get them mounted or at least converted (preferably in some sort of batch process) to a format that Toast 11.1 likes? I really don't like the idea of having to backup all those CDs again (even though it probably would go a bit faster on my new Mac).
  3. Lorsm_Dever

    Dvd Player Seeing Non-Image Files With Jpgs

    Thank you "theoldarchiver" for your explanation of resource forks. That was the problem. Turns out I already had an application that can remove them, "File Buddy" but I had never noticed that feature before. After removing the resource forks and burning the resulting jpg files to another DVD, the player was able to display the photos without errors.
  4. Lorsm_Dever

    Dvd Player Seeing Non-Image Files With Jpgs

    I am trying to create a data DVD containing jpg-format image files that will be playable on the DVD player (Sony DVP-NS90V) attached to my TV. I have tried both the "Mac & PC" and "Photo Disc" formats and have encountered the same problem. Although it does display the images as a slide show, before each image appears, it displays an error message, "Data error (IMAGE)." When I use the "picture navi" button on the player's remote, I see what may be a clue to the problem. It displays the contents of the folder and what I see is that every odd-numbered file in the folder is not an image. I only see image thumbnails in the even-numbered entries of the folder. The error messages are obviously a result of the player trying to display these non-image files, but I have no idea what they are, where they came from or how to get rid of them. The folder I dropped on Toast contains only jpg files. At first I thought that theses might be resource forks but then I read that those were done away with in the transition from OS 9 to OS X (these jpg files were created on an OS X 10.4.11 G4). I am running Toast version 8.0.5. Any ideas on how to prevent these non-image files from being recorded on the DVD?