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    Can't Add Silence To End Of Audio Tracks

    Well, as I expected in today's age, NO answer from Roxio other than I'm using a "legacy" product and I should upgrade to the NEW Toast! In the meantime, I'll GO BACK to an earlier "Legacy-er" version when I need to add silence to the end of a track.
  2. fsap

    Can't Add Silence To End Of Audio Tracks

    While waiting to hear from Roxio about this, I went ahead and reinstalled Toast7 and it does what I need it to fine. I prefer 8, but in this case 7 will do the trick. Just thought it was odd why this is happening and if maybe I have something set incorrectly. Thanks. fsap
  3. fsap

    Can't Add Silence To End Of Audio Tracks

    Maybe I didn't explain myself well. I DID add about 12 seconds to the end of the tracks using an editing app. But, believe it or not, Toast 8 ignores this added silence and just goes right into the next track. Yes, I can add up to 8" I think to the START of a track, but there is a good reason for adding it to the end instead. These are audio cues for a performance. To eliminate the possibility of the operator forgetting to stop a track in time, they ask me to add this silence. Then when the operator cues up the next track, it starts immediately. If I put the pause before the track, it would be impossible to cue it properly. Frank
  4. In Toast Titanium 8, I can't seem to add silence to the END of audio tracks on an Audio CD. I need to do this for some clients who don't want a lengthy silence at the end of some tracks, but still want the next track to start right away when that track number is pressed on the player. I use to be able to do this with Toast 7, but I can't with Toast 8. What can I do to make Toast let the tracks play to their conclusion and not cut off the silence at the end? HELP! fsap