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  1. The last PhotoShow that i was able to upload to iTunes was in September 2008. Mybe it is the DRM protection that you mentioned. I have both Versions 5 and 6. V5 is more powerful than V 6. It allows to to change the speed and use different fonts. Thanks, Rurik
  2. I have PhotoShow 5 which i am used to and which i enjoy using. Far superior to PhotoShow 6 which is web-based but so limited. I upload my Photo Shows to my iPod, but starting 24 months ago I have not been able to do so. I go through the drill but the new shows just don't get uploaded. What I find so frustrating is the so-called Customer Support. The refer me to the "Reply" button after i click the ticket number but it is nowhere to be seen. I just get the original form to fill in. I do that and i get another no-reply email telling me to click the ticket number. The procedure i follow is as follows: 1. iTunes is open 2. I go to My PhotoShows and click RSS and Podcast. 3. I click Podcast to iTunes and I then getthe window with the following URL: http://video.photoshow.com/video/videofeed?feedUri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.photoshow.com%2Ffeeds%2Fmembers%2FRurikHalabyShows%2Fall&show_itunes_page=1 4. I click the link, and Presto, NOTHING Happens. 5. It worked before, but not for the past two years, which include at 12 least 12 PhotoShows. 6. I have no problem adding my PhotoShows to iGoogle. Any help anyone can provide me would be most appreciated. Thanks, Rurik Halaby