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    Edit 360 Vr Video In Vidoewave

    So what you are telling me is that for 360 VR video editing it's time to abandon Roxio altogether and bite the bullet and move on to Primer and pay what it's worth?
  2. GuidoGrimaldi

    Edit 360 Vr Video In Vidoewave

    I am working with Roxio NTX 4, I need an additional project option for editing the new 360VR format at 1920 x 960 30f. When will it be available? Or is there a work around I can do so when I inject the video I will not get the black holes on top and bottom of my 360VR video?
  3. GuidoGrimaldi

    MyDVD - Do not want menu

    In Creator 2011, if you want to burn a DVD without a menu, please open Create DVD's, click on File Tab > New project, select DVD without menu and open the save production Then