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  1. After several months of running Roxio, the program failed to launch today. Oddly, when trying to launch, a small windows dialogue box appeared indicating an error but no text and only an OK button. I uninstalled Roxio Creator 8 (regular version). I am trying to reinstall from the backup disks sent by Roxio. The version I am trying to install is: RoxioEMCSuitev8.05_efisd.exe I originally downloaded the program and purchased the backuyp disks as well. When I try to reintall, the packages are unpacked. Immediately after all the packages are unpacked, an error message appears: Setup encountered an error during installation. Error Code 000D. The setup then fails. Windows XP SP2 (with all updates)
  2. After several months of running Roxio 8, I suddenly can no longer launch the application. When I attempt to launch the application (the home or main component), I get an "error" prompt (simply a tiny window with a red x icon and an OK button). Clicking Ok results in another rror message. This error message also has the rex x icon and Invalid pointer (comError, 80004003). The Roxio application fails to launch. HOWEVER, looking at Windows Task Manager, a Roxio-Central.exe instance is listed in the Processes Tab (about 18MB). What I have done: Attempt 1 Carefully uninstalled Roxio (main and the added content CD). Reboot Reinstall Result--same error Attempt 2 Carefully uninstall Roxio using Windows Add/Remove Programs Defrag Reboot Virus Check and Spyware Check (negative) Reboot Reinstall Result--same error Attempt 3 Carefully uninstall Roxio using Windows Add/Remove Programs Search frustratingly for the Roxio roxizap.exe app. run roxizap reboot reinstall Result--same error I carfully reviewed the forums and find only one passing reference to this error that seems to indicate a Windows XP SP 2 issue (this is not the case in my instance and is an odd "solution" anyway). Machine Info: Downloaded version of Roxio 8 (regular version) Windows XP SP 2 plus all updates 1 GB memory 60 GB harddrive (over 35GB available with Roxio installed) I must admit that I am frustrated at this point.