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    24 Fps Support

    Thanks for the info it is HDTV that i want to get into hence the 24fps. You probably know that film is often 24fps and if you play at 25fps the speed of image taken versus the speed of playbacki s differnt that is why i wanted 24fps record function Thank you for your help Allan
  2. Border_all

    24 Fps Support

    Just had a quick look http://forum.blu-ray.com/blu-ray-technology-news/57354-blu-ray-framerate.html http://www.avforums.com/forums/blu-ray-players/848236-blu-ray-speed-pitch-frame-rate.html Hope that helps but i wonder can 2011 do 24fps Cheers Allan
  3. Border_all

    24 Fps Support

    Hi from Hifi Experiance, Bluray tv info saying 24 fps and capture frame rate on Pal HD are you in the UK? Allan
  4. Border_all

    24 Fps Support

    Hi. Could some one please tell me if 2011 pro can burn AVCHD in 24fps now please? 2010 seems to only cover 25fps. I would like to burn DVD in the TV standard 24fps and my camera records 24fps? Many thanks