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  1. Hi, Sorry, I should have read the pinned post. I will do this in the future. I did'nt understand that the pinned post would help my issue, but when I read it my issue was solved. Thank you for your help! Thor Eric
  2. Hi, I have purchased an upgrade from Creator NXT2 Pro to NXT3 Pro. I just tried to create and burn a blu-ray video disc, but there is no option to do this. I know in some previous UK versions of Creator, you had to buy this blu-ray plug-inn. Do I have to buy this plug-inn when my software was purchased on roxio.com? Regards, Thor Eric Vågen Jægtnes
  3. Thank you for trying to help me. I have tried to fix the corrupt download file with Winrar, but I failed. I will contact Roxio Sales/Support directly. Thanks again. Best regards, Thor Eric
  4. Hi! I purchased an upgrade version of Roxio Creator 2011 Pro from the online store. I chose the download version. I have successfully installed both the program files, but when I try to install to content file downloaded with the download manager, I get this error: "Zip damaged file c:\Users\thoreric\Appdata\Local\Temp\WZSE01\Data1.cab: Bad CRC. Possible cause: file transfer error." I have tried to re-download this file 3 times after disabling my anti-virus program (Norton). I have tried to install the re-downloaded file after disabling Norton too. Can anyone please help me with how I should solve this issue? My computer meets the system requirements, and is running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Best regards, Thor Eric