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  1. gnyffe

    Toast 17 Pro included WINZIP Fullversion

    Remove it, I did that using AppZap. I'm only using 'The Unarchiver' app.
  2. Hi. Toast 14 can mount image files, but DVD player does not start up to play it. I have to manually start it. When loading a DVD in my SuperDtive, DVD player starts as it should. I guess that it's a bug in 10.11.
  3. gnyffe

    Toast 11 And Os X El Capitan

    Yes, it does not work. :-(
  4. gnyffe

    Toast 11 And Os X El Capitan

    No problems here. El Capitan on my iMac 5K and Toast 11.
  5. gnyffe

    Hd Plugin Not Working ....

    Issue solved. I deleted all Roxio and Toast .plist files in my 'Library' Started Toast up and ran through the registration process. Then installed the HD plugin. Now it works.
  6. gnyffe

    Hd Plugin Not Working ....

    Just bought the HD plugin and installed it, but I can't select HD DVD, it jumps back to DVD. Arghh ...!?!? Any solution ??
  7. It means that you should check for updates.
  8. Yes, and I have disablet GateKeeper, same issue.
  9. I can only agree !!
  10. gnyffe

    How To Make A Default Setting

    OK, I will try next time Roxio comes with an update to T11, then I will install it once more. As it is now I'm using T10.
  11. gnyffe

    How To Make A Default Setting

    No, it's a MEGA bug in T11
  12. gnyffe

    Why ...?!?

    OK, thanks for info.
  13. gnyffe

    Why ...?!?

    Next stupid thing: When I want to edit the text T11 starts to load the complete movie so it can be editet, and it tages ages to wait for just to change the text. Nope I will not recommend T11 to anyone, sorry.
  14. gnyffe

    Why ...?!?

    If I export a video from EyeTV to T11 it has as default Splash menu selected, I don't want any menu so how can I get T11 to remember it ?? T10 don't have that issue, it remembers my selection. Why is the media menu selected everytime and not the options ??? As it is now I have deleted T11 and contiue to use T10.