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    Flawed Dvd Burning Process

    Hi...thanks for the reply. I researched older posts yesterday and found similar advice...that worked! So now I can move on using Eye TV's editor, Compress, Clear Markers Save, Toast Media Browser to Content Area then burn successfully.
  2. Juanita32022

    Flawed Dvd Burning Process

  3. Juanita32022

    Flawed Dvd Burning Process

    Hi, I'm a newbie, and respectfully ask for someone to correct my DVD Burning process (see below) that is obviously flawed. I usine a MacBook Pro with 8GB Ram, Snow Leopard and most current version of Toast Titanium 10. Previously I have captured EyeTV data (football games), edited out commercials, saved as Toast 10 Disc Image file, then burn data to disc Now only about 15 minutes of data gets burned onto 1 disc and includes the material I want excluded??? My Burning process: I locate the data in Media Browser; Move the data into Toast Content area Click "edit" once Click edit button inside the new display that opens and plays the recorded file Inside the playing file I click "fine" to allow for selecting the triangle shaped icons and spreading them to cover the data to ignore when burning I go through the entire file strategically locating triangle icons throughout I select Command "S" to save edited file (but there is no indication the command was completed) Then I select "Save as Disc Image", name the file and wait...lately the image does not take long to save (about 20 minutes for a 2.5 hr program) Next, I insert blank DVD (4.7 GB) and press the Red Button Again, after about 20 minutes the finished product contains only about 15 minutes of data.
  4. Juanita32022

    Toast 10 Image File Editing

    Thanks for the response...if I use the markers (left/right pointing) to box in the segment to exclude will the burned product not include the boxed footage?
  5. Juanita32022

    Toast 10 Image File Editing

    Hi, please direct me to specific instructions for editing unwanted video images portions prior to burning to dvd?