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  1. Well, I spent hours "filtering" through searches for the absence (loss) of a writable drive, including Roxio support and Community. The predominance of hits belabored the packet writing process. I guess I missed the one which describes your solution. By the way, all the drive issues were worked out in the BIOS before Windows loaded so I'm surprised that Roxio saw any changes until the drives were settled. If Roxio products need pampering whenever drives are changed then the code authors are better at handling that than the average consumer. That is flaky. I certainly would have preferred to leave things alone even though there were over 20 Roxio entries in "add/remove". Some old (non-Roxio) programs refused to be removed at all in the past two years as I wanted to clean up the PC so I was facing several manual "clean" installs of programs that no longer have support options. It may be a good thing that I started over. I hear that some geeks do it on a somewhat regular basis. There are many programs I have, so far, decided not to reinstall. With trepidation, I'll re-install EMC 10 as my disc writing software. I'll never forget that Roxio could allow this kind of thing to occur even after Microsoft devoted a KB article to this very problem; rarely addressing specific non-microsoft software issues. There's not much out there as a clearly better alternative so, like with all software I've had to fight with over the years, I'll use what I have and sit in fear as I work. Jonathon
  2. Gosh, maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment. My XP Pro retail disc will only allow installation over an existing version which is my DELL OEM XP Home SP2. The XP SP3 disc I ordered from Microsoft happened to be at the office so do I drive or download....I chose the former since I had already spent too many hours in front of that PC in the past few days (see the initial entry). Then I let XP update itself but, having seen many updates hang and need human response, I sat through it. IE8 by the way is one of those updates and refusing it is problematic (came in the middle of 84 updates). Anyway, I came to Roxio Community for help about Roxio. I'll avoid ventilating about the consequences of the Roxio issue which apparently have become a distraction. Thanks anyway for your willingness to help. Does anyone have a way to convince a spouse that troubleshooting and repairing a computer is important? Jonathon
  3. The Microsoft Article ID: 811408; http://support.microsoft.com/kb/811408. It leads me to believe that a similar answer for my problem may be out there. Even if the problem does occur because of the combo of 8 & 10, that doesn't solve my problem. This blue screen seems to require reinstalling the OS unless you know exactly which piece of the universe needs rewriting so it can be fixed using the install disc repair funcction. I'm uninstalling EMC 8 to try to restore the ability to use my 2 DVR-RW drives; EMC says there is no recorder after a IDE DVD-ROM failed and was replaced with a SATA DVD-RW and eventually got the BIOS to accept the new order for the old IDE and the presence of the new drive. They both play media and the original IDE DVD-RW was recording for awhile. Then Roxio DTD inexplicably later insisted that there is no recorder. Research suggested that packet writing disc authoring software can be problematic (2.5 million hits on Google for no recorder issues) and that EMC 8 & 10 differ significantly in that respect. So, let's get rid of 8 and keep 10. I reluctantly plan to spend the day reinstalling XP Home, then upgrade to Pro and reinstall all my devices and software, many of which are legacy but did work. My issue now is if there is a best order for reinstalling various things relative to putting in the XP service packs and then letting Windows fetch all the recent updates. It tooks years to put everything together and it seemed that many things had to be tweaked a lot. The Windows world is a microcosm of our planet....wars,politics and natural disasters. Jonathon
  4. Uninstalling EMC 8 results in BSOD on reboot. Extensive google search finds that several EMC products cause this, at least through v9. Truobleshooting a "recorder not found" or "no recorder" issue I found that versions before EMC 10 used packet writing like drag-to-disc which seems unpopular among geeks. I have EMC 8 and then upgraded with EMC 10. I think I left v8 onboard for some items not in v10 and was told by Roxio that there was no harm in doing so. To rid myself of possibly mischievous packet writers, I tried to uninstall v8 via "add/remove programs". On reboot, I got the BSOD: "Stop: 0X0000007B (0XF78A6524, 0XC0000034, 0X00000000)". Google search found explanations but no way to boot successfully. Many indicated the need for re-format and reinstallation of OS which I eventually did then restored the OS drive (that has all program files, including EMC 8&10) by Retrospect from an external USB drive. All was restored, including EMC 8, and all worked well. I rebooted several times just to be sure and the PC family got along well. Still wanting to get all Roxio cleanly uninstalled (then reinstall EMC 10 by itself), I began by uninstalling EMC 10 via "add/remove programs" and it worked. To be thorough, I rebooted and there was no BSOD. Then I tried uninstalling v8 by same mechanism, rebooted and got the aforementioned BSOD again. There is a Microsoft article about such things happening with EMC 5 due to a registry entry retained, involving 'upperlevelentry'. It looks like I have two possible choices: 1) reinstall Windows XP Pro SP3 again and reinstall everything item by item [how horribly depressing] 2) use the Microsoft article (EMC 5) hoping that the offending registry entry is the same for my issue....still a daunting task. Perhaps someone knows what files/registry entries are problematic for EMC 8. Given that Microsoft found the Roxio registry error for EMC5, why is Roxio so ignorant about it? There are a lot of people with this BSOD when uninstalling EMCx (some during installation too). Roxio won't talk to me unless I buy EMC 2011. Why would I do that if I can't get the older offending version uninstalled? For every minute computers save me, I spend 5 minutes fixing them. Why are there no Lemon Laws for PC and software?