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    Save State Is Sent To?

    In my HP Compaq Mini 110C they are hidden system files. You need to go and enable "visualize hidden files" and also deselect "Hide system files". Then I nfounmd them under C:System Rollback Data\Restore\Archive\<Some progressive number which depend on the current saved state> Gio
  2. I got BackOnTrack Roxio software pre-installed in my Compaq Mini 110C Netbook. The software is currently saving as SAVED STATE almost everything it is on the HD. This result into disk full issue, with only two saved states plus the original Hewlet Packard one. I try to understand if it is possible to select what needs to be back-up and what doesn't. It looks that there isn't such an option in the version I've got, although in the screenshot I see on the internet these configuration seems to be possible under the File Back-up menu. Under this menu' I've only got : - File Back-up Guide - Upgrade The first suggest to "Upgrade to powerful back-up tools" a link which leads to a special offer page where new Creator 2011 a software which doesn't look to be what I need. The second actually directly points to the same page as above. Now, I don't what to buy a new software and being that current version is embedded with the machine I'm also not ok to disinstall BackOnTrack but I want it to work. I need therefore to understand I can I select what to back-up. I simply cannot believe that this software was written without taking into account this possibility, it will imply that with 4 stored states the user available disk space is reduced to one forth which is of course UNACCEPTABLE. Can someone help me on that? Thanks Gio