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  1. Ok Im trying to make back ups to my Beatles 2009 Remasters cds. I have done first 4 with the audio files ripped with XLD software last month and the Quicktime mini-docs burned onto a cdr. Somehow I capture the mini-doc of each cd, which is the problem, I cant seem to reproduce this step because I forgot how I did it, I didnt write it down, my mistake, ugh! I have Toast 6. Now I know I can copy this disc in the copy tab, but I was wanted the rip audio files from XLD software. This is were I dragged and dropped the audio files into the Data tab section to burn my cd. I tried to drag and drop the quicktime file(mini-doc) into the data tab and it works, but when I put in the blank cdr, up comes the box with files of the OSX quicktime mini-docs saying, "some files couldn't be found. the corresponding items will be removed. check attachment. That Hard Days Night OSX file has an letter icon "A" over it before I try to burn the cd. Now on the first 4 cds I already did last month, the Hard Days Night icon is replaced the with album cover instead of the letter "A".This is were the problem lies. I can click on that icon and it loads the video on the quicktime player and it plays, the album cover (OSX icon) only! See I cant found out how to capture all the missing files u see on the attachment below. Here's a correct cd with the Please Please Me (OSX) showing the album cover instead of the letter "A" over the icon. I would appreciate very needed help.

    Capture problem.tiff

    Correct CD With Correct Mini-Doc(Please Please Me OSX).tiff

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