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    Saving Mydvd Projects

    Thanks, I WAS trying to open the project from the "Home Page". Clicking on "Create DVD" opens MYDVD and yes, I can open my previously saved project from there. And just to confirm my "newbie" status, I noticed that the "Create New Disk Type" dialog box has a button to "Open Last Project". (Knew it had to be "operator error".) FWIW, I'm burning several slideshows on separate disks that my wife created at a local CVS onto one DVD with menu / buttons. It's working pretty slick. Thanks for your help.
  2. BogeyGolfer

    Saving Mydvd Projects

    Just upgraded to, and registered Creator 3 NXT. Trying to create slideshows on DVDs using MYDVD. When saving the project, the only option is a ".dmsd" file type. When trying to open a saved project the only file types are ".rox, .Roxio". The only way I can get to my saved DVD project is to open windows explorer and double click the ".dmsd" file that I saved it to. Feel a bit like Mickey the Dunce here as I'm sure this is an "operator error".