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  1. After I've scanned the disc label image and try to import it under Create Labels--Advanced, the image imports but doesn't fill the entire disc area--and thus doesn't print on my Light Scribe. Everything works OK on front and back package labels....only attempts to import for a disc label is the problem. What could be causing this, or am I doing something incorrectly?
  2. Devin

    Problem With Advanced Labeler

    The problem I have is that the "Add Image" won't allow me to select it. I can only select the "Scan Image". If I try to design & print anything other than disc (eg. case front or case back graphics) it allows me to select "Add Image" and complete the design the way you described. Any other ideas?
  3. Devin

    Label Print Paper Options

    I have Easy Media Creator 10 Suite and recently purchased a new computer with Windows 7. When I try to print labels there are no options for label paper. I use CD Stomper paper. Where do I find the option for CD Stomper paper?