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    Error When Trying To Run A File Backup

    tbrewst, Thank you for your response!!! That was it. I figured it was something that I was doing wrong. I'm still learning Windows 7 and I bet I'll have more questions,ha.
  2. Flatlander59

    Error When Trying To Run A File Backup

    I have a new HP 450 with Windows 7 home premium and am trying to setup a backup routine. I bought Roxio Backontrack and it came preinstalled with the computer. My issue is running the file backup after I have selected what I want backed up. After it begins it stops and says I need to be logged in as the administrator to complete. It says an error has occured and check the online documentation. I have and am getting nowhere. I have checked for updates and it is up to date.The about screen has Version 1.3.0 for the file backup portion of Backontrack. I only have one user for this computer and I am the administrator. I was able to use the software to backup both The C and D drive and it completed. Any help would be appreciated ....