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    BurnerState_EncodingTitle Failure

    For others with the same issue. ok so i figured out which of the 3 videos was causing the burn to error out. went back to video wave & used the authoring option, which saves it to JUST an mpg, then uploaded that file, it worked fine. The other two are actually mpeg4's and didn't have an issue burning. i think maybe there was something in that show (embedded) that was causing the issue, but i was keeping it as simple as possible.
  2. sunshine999299

    BurnerState_EncodingTitle Failure

    ok i clicked the save as iso image, and then it went into burn mode, and errored out again. You mentioned I can't burn mp4's, why is that? One of the options from video wave is mpeg4. i am making a DVD with 3 menu items I am doing a couple photo slide shows with music embedded. and a short video with music All 3 are in mpg4 format each one is about 20-30min long AS LONG AS i have someone familiar with MYDVD.... can i change the text color, or font size or is that all defaulted?
  3. sunshine999299

    BurnerState_EncodingTitle Failure

    The error occurs within the first 5min of burning I picked mp4 thinking higher quality I have not tried BURN to iso, i will do that now & get back to you shortly
  4. I got the following error trying to burn a DVD. BurnerState_EncodingTitle Failure. Reason Unknown Error. Code: 2147500037. I have tried it 3 times and same error. I have Creator NXT6 pro, trying to burn a DVD of videos that are in a MP4 format. Shows were created using Roxio video wave. I am on Win10 It seems that Creator 6 uses the Roxio MyDVD software to burn the DVD. I have a 1yo laptop, with plenty of memory so that shouldn't be an issue. I took out all symbols out of my titles, thinking that was causing the error. HELP!!!!
  5. sunshine999299

    Remove Pan & Zoom

    I loaded my photos and created a photo show using the Roxio Slide Show Assistant. There is an option/ check box to add pan/zoom to all slides. I checked this box and then exported it to Roxio VideoWave to edit some more. The pan & zoom seems to be cutting off the heads and feet of my photo subjects. So I wanted to go back and remove the pan/zoom option that is on each slide. although I am now thinking that it may not have anything to do with Pan/Zoom - I just found something under view - "TV Safe" does that mean that anything outside of that frame may be cropped?
  6. sunshine999299

    Remove Pan & Zoom

    I pulled together the photoshow & it is in videowave now - I previewed it & pan & zoom crops too much, so I want to remove it for ALL slides. I am assuming I can update a title slide.
  7. sunshine999299

    Repeat Show

    What do I have to click/ or enter to make a show auto repeat until I turn it off? I want a slide show to continue to play in the background during a party.
  8. sunshine999299

    Slide Show And My Dvd

    I already have several slide shows - when I click BURN, it goes to My DVD, and enters the show in what appears as DVD format/ title & chapter. OK if I have to live with it like this, how do I add my other slide shows? When I select add slide shows, it just gives me a blank one. Oh by the way I am new to Roxio, so I am sure I am just missing something