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    Mydvd Chapter Just Hangs...and Hangs....

    Thanks for that advise, I installed 3.5 and directx9 as you said and while the chapters part of MyDVD still crashes at different points and just seems overall a bit unstable, it is less unstable and it got me further on than before, so mush so that at least it enabled me to finish that small project, thus I am happy. I don't use this feature often so I am not too concerned about it being unstable as all the other elements I use in Roxio get me by. Thanks again for the advise.
  2. drumlin

    Mydvd Chapter Just Hangs...and Hangs....

    Hi There I have the same problem, with chapters hanging. Have looked around the forum and didn't see any answers. Did you get yours fixed. I have 2 windows 7 pro pc's with 2 licensed Roxio 2011 and both have the same issue, I just upgraded one of the licenses to the new Roxio 2012 in the hope that this fix might be there but alas no, just spend a pile of euro for nothing. Noted an earlier post relating to .net 3.5 but don't think that applies for Win7 .net 4 etc directx 11. correct me if I am wrong here. The project is quite a small one, 3 * mp4 files, no bigger than about 500mb and just want to add the names of each into chapters for a dvd. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. drumlin

    Synchronising 2 Videos

    Hi sknis Having a look for that now, there is a snap to object button and a Edit Volumne Envelope for audio objects. Never really new what they did, but will read up on the now to see if they would help. Thanks for the advise will post back. ****************** I see, just tried that snap to objects as you explained sknis, that will prove useful alright, no sure if it will help in syncing but will keep looking at it. See what you mean about the not finding it in any help menus. My help manual was google, and it just brought me right back to here.
  4. drumlin

    Synchronising 2 Videos

    Hello all I am interested in any tips on what others do when attempting to sync 2 or more videos. Basically we are pretty new to this; we use 2 cameras to record an event. Using Roxio 11 VideoWave I decide which of the 2 Camera files will me the main file (master) and then the other will be added as an overlay (whereby I slice it up and usually do basic fade in's and out's etc.). However especially with music video I find it very time consuming to initially line up the 2 files on the Roxio Timeline before I get to work. Is there a feature/add on I have not found in Roxio that could help sync the 2 files via analysing their audio patterns. If not it would be on my wish list. I did see some software available on www.singularsoftware.com but am holding out for some feedback or tips first. Many Thanks Drumlin
  5. drumlin

    Render Mp4 Files

    Hi there Not sure where to go and try to solve my issue. My Roxio Creator Pro 11 won't open mp4 files. When it attempts to, it hangs Roxio. I have to end task it. This is on 2 seperate Dell PCs but different models. Same issue on both, same Roxio Pro 11 on both. The mp4 files are the file format livestream.com use, which I have an account with. Do I need something like a codec and where would I get this. Any advise would be great. Thanks.