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    Surfing the Internet, reading, music (Frank Zappa, Late Sixties-Mid Seventies AOR)
  1. OshkoshJohn

    Did Ie9 Upgrade Kill My Roxio 9?

    This may provide the impetus for me to upgrade my Roxio product. My backup PC is a is a 2006 Gateway MX3414 laptop with WIN XP Pro SP3, and it won't upgrade to IE9. Thanks for your suggestion.
  2. OshkoshJohn

    Did Ie9 Upgrade Kill My Roxio 9?

    I almost never use Internet Explorer, as I prefer to use Google Chrome. However, I try to keep the latest and greatest version of everything on my computer until either it is no longer supported or else it becomes incompatible for some other reason. I have been upgrading my copy of Internet Explorer as it developed. When I moved from IE9 "release candidate" to the real version, my Roxio 9 Easy Media Creator would no longer rip CDs. I d/l'd a freebie, Express Rip, to use until my Roxio Problem is resolved. My OS is WIN Vista Ultimate 64-bit w/SP2 4GB DDR2 RAM Intel Q6700 @2.66 MHz on Intel Motherboard Invidia GeForce 8500GT 512 MB Built new in early 2008