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    Error Burning Cd And Dl Dvd

    Is there anyone out there having the same problems as mine as the support from Roxio is useless, they just email me some general links to remind me something that I have already done, like upgrade to the lasted version and use slower speed etc? Please help! I need to burn the audio CDs for my client right now. Thank you, Simon
  2. Simon Ho

    Error Burning Cd And Dl Dvd

    Hi Digital Guru, Thank you for your prompt advise. Yes I could save them as SD2F Files and I could even play the music on them, but it just reads the error as the other user. For some reasons, I could burn the CD on a CD-RW (but not on a CD-R). Just don't know what has happened as I've been using Toast happily for many years. Hav a nice day! Simon
  3. Simon Ho

    Error Burning Cd And Dl Dvd

    I have these same problems too. Just can't burn any audio CD suddenly with Toast (10.0.8). Same problem persists after re-installing Toast. It reads reported an error. I am using the same brand of CDR as before and have even tried other brand (Sony) CDR but just failed. I suspects the upgrade of Mac OS (using 10.6.5) causes the problems. Just having no ideas, please help as my works are halted as such. Thank you, Simon Ho ( Hong kong)