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  1. I think I will request a refund and go back to 2011. My post is not there because a moderator removed it and put it here.
  2. No - I did not change my log in name. My post was originally a reply to someone else's thread. Why would it work with Roxio 2011?
  3. This was my first post on this issue, since I just installed NXT 2, however I originally posted to a different thread, since I was having the same problem (which is why I did not repeat the circumstances). However, in that thread, the resolution was to add more RAM. With 32 GB of RAM, there is absolutely no way that is the cause of my problem. Windows 7 64-Bit machine - newly installed. Everything is service packed and current. Streaming music from Rhapsody. Using Audio Capture to capture from my Logitech speakers. Options to separate tracks. Bars indicate there is sound for entire duration of recording session. Tracks break out during recording (which is different from 2011), but only save 30-45 secs of each song (the rest disappears - it is not breaking out to multiple files). They are also not getting recognized and tagged with metadata. What else do you need?
  4. My machine has 32 GB of RAM, and my songs are also getting shrinky-dinked (closer to 30 secs for me). Recording on the weekend when I don't have much open, so there is no way I don't have enough RAM. Newly installed machine (formatted the partitions), which is why I upgraded to NXT2. All worked fine on same machine with Creator 2011. Music also does not seem to be getting tagged. Majority of tracks coming back as unknown - likely because the 30 secs are not the initial music. Initially recording to local desktop for temporary file and then moving to network drive once finalized (tested with the final files also saving to local desktop). Machine is being professional managed against viruses, etc. It's been 4 months since this was originally posted. Have there been any new discoveries?
  5. SchneeBaer

    Audio Capture Distorted

    Rhapsody is not really my source. I'm just using it because it was a generic, well-known service that illustrated my problem. I didn't choose Pandora because I can't control the variables (eg, the song) for optimal troubleshooting. The problem also happens with Napster. The sound drivers from Dell are current. However, I uninstalled & reinstalled them - no change. Gobs merely was meant to indicate those could not be the problem. I have 111 GB free on my 300 GB drive and 16 GB RAM. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled Roxio, and have all non-Microsoft services and all start-up processes disabled.
  6. SchneeBaer

    Audio Capture Distorted

    I'm trying to capture audio from Rhapsody. The music plays fine, but the recording either seems to fade in and out or has a static-type noise. I am getting this distortion directly from the file created on my computer. I'm using 64-bit Windows 7 on a Dell Precision M6400 notebook with gobs of memory and space. I've got nothing else playing during the recording. Using the Auto Recording Level before recording seems to help with the static. My sound card is an IDT High Definition Audio CODEC. I have five capture from devices that list: Dock Mic Microphone Array Rec Playback Microphone Line-In Speakers/Headphones The only one that gets close is the Speakers/Headphones.