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    Can't update to 7.1

    LOL! i have been scouring the internet for the answer to this little problem and i know it exists, but seems that folks are hesitant/fearful to post the answer ;-)
  2. vitalejo

    Tiger 10.4.7 & Toast 7.1 incompatible?

    BUMP!!! I cant believe that no one has replied with a solution to problem #2. anyone? bueller?
  3. vitalejo

    Title and track names lost when burning audio CDs

    i dont get it either. it also happens when a buddy shoots me an album through iChat, when the mp3's are imported into iTunes only the song title field has data. iTunes brings all the related information up just fine when an audio Cd is inserted. but the information does not transfer, including the artwork, when i add the files to my iTunes library.
  4. vitalejo

    Can't update to 7.1

    i cant update to 7.1 because the "continue" button is grayed out after i enter the cd-key. anyone else know why its grayed out and why i cant continue with the installation? i am having this issue with the black macbook and im trying to go from 7.0 to 7.1.
  5. vitalejo

    Title and track names lost when burning audio CDs

    i am having a similar issue, when i extract an audio CD with iTunes all the songs, artist, album, etc are shown, *but* after completion when the MP3's are added to my library the only field with data is the "title". the artist, album etc are gone. anyone know why????
  6. vitalejo

    Tiger 10.4.7 & Toast 7.1 incompatible?

    i am currently using Toast 7.0.2 with an Intel "Blackbook" with 2GB Ram. i have two problems that i hope someone can help resolve. 1) i recently updated OSX with the 10.4.7 intel download. since the downloading and installing the system updates, i have not been able to burn a DVD with Toast, no matter what it is I am burning be it an audio CD or DVD from VIDEO_TS folder. i never had a problem burning with Toast until the 10.4.7 download. anyone know why? 2) i tried to install the free upgrade to 7.1. however, when prompted to enter the CD key i cannot continue because the "continue" key is grayed out. anyone know why??? i am 99.9% confident that i dont have a defective drive (matshita DVD-R UJ-857) because I am able to burn with Finder, iTunes, and iDVD no problems. HOWEVER TOAST IS COMPLETELY USELESS TO ME NOW DUE TO THESE TWO PROBLEMS. TIA for your help