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  1. You and me as well as countless others, see my issues in post below this. I have tried the repair and reinstall as suggested and nothing helps, or if it works, it's not for long. Soon ready to delete everything Creator. Trying one last time with a support ticket. See reviews...http://video-editing-software-review.toptenreviews.com/ Has anyone tried Corel VideoStudio Pro X6? How does it compare to Creator? Is it the same with a different name?
  2. I am back trying to use NXT. Still hangs when attempting to name chapter points. I tried Scott's work around and was able to name each chapter. However after all finished with the project attempting to burn to file, not a DVD, NXT freezes at 78% when at menus. On 2 other similar AVCH projects, it burned to image fine but needed several attemps. Computer restarted with no other programs running. Did a "repair", no help. Tried "msconfig.exe" but Creator needs audio and I am unable to find all the needed startup for audio so gave up. Nothing seems to work. Any other ideas?
  3. Yes quality is less than HD but VG. I started with a DVD project, then I chose the Premier menu style, clicked add new movie. I then named the project and added the dates. Both text were made bigger font. I save project as... next. Then click edit movie, then click add photo/video and add two more files, one at a time, after the current panel in the choices offered. Then I click back to MYDVD, there I click the project, then edit chapters button. I select at the start of every panel and click GO. Then the titles appear in the project view with numbers. I wish to add text to them so at this point I click chapter menu and 99% of the time it appears and I add the text. That is where this project hangs, never showing the titles with numbers. How does that sound? I have used MyDVD Studio Deluxe from 2005 on Win XP , and Creator Pro 2011 on Win 7, now NXT Pro on same computer. I have burned over 200 DVD's, so am not new to it, had other issues, never had this issue. Thanks for help, will try above suggestions.
  4. "In addition to the menu titles and button labels that MyDVD creates automatically, you can add blocks of text to menus. You can edit text blocks, including button labels and the menu title.", I see the term title here in help, but in project view under menus it uses "chapter menu", that why I used it. That is what I am unable to do is add text to the titles, I guess, but they are "buttons" under each title or chapter as in project. Does that sound correct? Yes I have tried both to DVD and to an image, neither will finish, NXT hangs. When I END Mydvd in Task Manager, Windows always checks for a problem but I have never a solution pop up! The first project was 47 minutes on HQ, 8.35 Gb of AVCHD files. This particular project is 39 minutes in HQ, original AVCHD camcorder files total 6.98 Gb. I tried putting all 15.33 Gb on one DVD and quality was poor. I assumed that meant some quality loss, maybe not. Why would one ever create a AVCHD DVD disc, what advantage is there? It certainly uses 100% of my CPU while encoding an AVCHD project.
  5. My HD camcorder makes AVCHD video (.MTS) files and saves a separate file each time you pause. This event made 6 separate files, that I recorded within 2 hours. To make a DVD one has to add up a few of these. I used a +R DL and 2- 4.7+R DVD's for the event burned in HD. I also wish to make the 6 files, total 15.33Gb onto 2- 4.7 DVD's in lower quality. I have made one and quality is still great. The second project is giving trouble as one of the AVCHD camcorder files gives NXT and the CPU a fit. Chapters are where each of these files are added. I did not split them any further in edit. Then back in Mydvd, I wish to name these chapters, and that is where NXT hangs. It will not even preview, and hangs. Hope that is clear. thanks.
  6. I have emptied the temp files. like 3000 were there! Defraged with Win 7, Avast scan, WinZip Malware protector. Restarted with no other open programs did not help. Will try msconfig.exe. I stopped antivirus during reinstalls.I left Mydvd run on burn to image last night and and it hung at 97% with higher CPU usage, so it was running about 6 hrs hung up. Is it possible that a particular AVCH file would cause this? I am attempting 2 DVD's for the set of this event and one file seems to upset NXT and cause the CPU usage when editing, setting chapters and burning. All files recorded within 2 hours, 6 in all, the bad one is number 3.
  7. I have used Creator NXT for many dvd projects, since Dec and it worked great. Lately a few times after chapters are added, it freezes when I wish to open the chapter menu to name them. Last night I added manually a chapter at a time and named them one at a time and no freeze. That won't even work today in the next project. I open Task manager performance window and when NXT freezez the CPU usage spikes from 10% to 60% and stays there till I end Mydvd in process window to stop it. Have reinstalled NXT three times and it makes no diff. Have defragmented, restored, ran scans for virus and malware. Computer works fine nothing helps Any one else see this issue.
  8. I see in catalyst control center there is a tab for trouble reports. Will run this by AMD to see if they know their fantastic cards are NOT working with Creator. Yes, I will use software from now on, used both and did not notice much time difference. Quality results are equal, NO blurring. Great to hear HD works for you, I am shopping for one too. Thanks for the help.
  9. Yes, sknis, I am aware of those facts. As I said in my first post, captured with Creator Pro 2011, edited in DVD, burned to dvd to be played on stand alone dvd player to TV. I have made over 100 dvd projects, with Creator 2011, 2009 and MYDVD. The previous 2 computers were a joke compared to this one. They all look fine in Cineplayer. Several of the last 20 are blurred in WMP and dvd player. But not consistently in order. There are good dvd's after blurred ones all done with exactly the same hardware and settings. This video card seems to have issues. I had reinstalled Creator 2011 two days ago. Jim, I updated both the drivers as well as the Catalyst software to the current 11.11, this morning and still the same blurred lines result! Did not help this card. I burned a second dvd in software rendering and it plays fine in WMP and dvd player to TV. Quite disappointed with such a hyped ATI card! I have a ticket on the issue with Roxio, will see how they reply. Will call Dell last, perhaps a new video card.
  10. I am archiving recorded video from my current Sony Camcorder and older VHS recorded video. I wish to play them on stand alone DVD players and watch on TV. It is strange that Cineplayer works and WMP does not. My computer specs are, Intel ®Core i7CPU 930 @ 2.8GHz, 4 cores, 8 threads, 12GB Memory, ATI Radeon HD 5800 1 GB memory. My older computer with a fraction of above specs and Creator 2009 made perfect DVD's. Creator crashed lots but results were fine. Creator captures video in AVI files, and have always used AVI with differing results. Why would mpg2 make any difference in the final burned DVD? Creator works with all these files. Yes, this version of WMP is performing poorly on my computer. Tried the last DVD on another DVD player and it still has blurred lines whenever camera is panning. Then tried several other DVD's. There are perfect DVD's between blurred DVD's. I am baffled as to the cause. Same camera, tape, capture, computer, software, media and player, and so different results. Will try software render. Have a ticket in Roxio Support.
  11. Reinstalled Creator, updated driver, burned another copy. It plays back fine in Cineplayer but 3 blurred lines when panning camera in Win Media player. Will try on a DVD player. What does software setting do compared to hardware? Again raw file plays fine in Win Media player, DVD is terrible. Some AVI files will not play with Win Media player due to codec issue. Any one solve that?
  12. Capture raw AVI with Creator 2011 from a Sony camcorder, use Creator for DVD project, less than 60 minutes, Burn disk. On play back in computer or DVD player, any panning of the camera shows blurred lines on screen. When camera is still video is fine. Raw files used in project play back with no blurring. Using Creator since Nov 2010, on same computer, Windows 7, same camera, same Sony media. It burned perfectly for over a year and lately the results are poor. Nothing has changed in settings. Always used 16X, 16:9, Fit to disk at about 60 minutes. Tried repair of Creator and no difference. Will uninstall and reinstall correct this issue?