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    Conversion From Quicktime Movies To Wmv Format

    I know that I need to buy Flip 4 Mac studio to convert files to wmv using Toast. Does anyone know what choice of codec is then available? The files I want to create I know work made using wmv codec8 on a Windows machine. It looks as if Toast just offers codec9 (standard or advanced). I know nothing really about codecs - is 9 much different from 8 - what is standard v advanced. This is maybe not the forum, but any comments welcome before I waste money on studio.
  2. crosswood

    Toast Hangs When Edit Eye Tv Mpeg-4 Files

    Problem is solved but, for interest, here is the story. I record using an old Eye TV 200 box using YRW composite leads from a video camera and a wireless receiver linked to a referee mic. Canon XM1 SD. I recently changed the recording settings via preferences/devices/quality to mpeg-4 to facilitate certain export requirements. I use Toast as the quickest way to produce ordinary DVDs playable anywhere. To answer your questions. Yes, exporting various other ways from Eye TV will work in Toast but then I had to set the chapters in Toast which I found less satisfactory as I use the markers in Eye TV to cut etc as well. If I did not use Edit in Toast I could indeed make the DVD although the other Edit inputs were not available eg text. However I have now discovered that although Toast appears to hang (spinning ball, even red in force quit "not responding") it does not in fact crash. It is just very very slow. After perhaps three minutes up pops the video and all is well! Sorry to have troubled Tsantee and anyone else. Just never seen the Edit take so long to open when using mpeg-2 settings eg "High(DVD 90 Mins)". I have found a way round my other export requirements anyway and reverted to mpeg-2 recording and also using Turbo.264 stick to export one file - my users reuire 4 different file types - and not all mac! What I really want is a new Elgato (or anyone else) gadget to accept live video camera feed in widescreen. I know I can stretch the outputs but the quality suffers and it takes too much time. Thanks all
  3. I have recently changed to recording in Eye TV using mpeg-4 best or custom settings instead of mpeg-2. When trying subsequently to create a disc image in Toast as soon as I hit "edit" to set 'text' 'chapter' etc Toast hangs and has to be force quit. I have updated to the latest Toast 11.1, re-indexed the Eye TV files, tried cutting a small bit off the start of the Eye TV file, removed plist etc and it still continues. Mpeg-2, .avi etc all seem to still be OK but mpeg-4 Eye TV no way! The strange thing is I think it did work once when I first used mpeg-4 but subsequently it continuously fails. I can't see what updates could have affected it - it is less than a week ago and I don't recall a Mac update (on MacBook Pro 10.6.8). No Eye TV updates, I have been playing around with Handbrake including a new version but .......? Any help appreciated!
  4. crosswood

    Cdsd - Track Overrun

    Just started with CDSD and got it working with some minor difficulties. Now I find that tracks exported to iTunes or even just saved to the desktop are all seconds longer than showing in CDSD and include the first part of the next track. What am I doing wrong??