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    Roxionow Help Please

    Thanks Jim. I'm aware of VLC. It's just a shame I can't purchase or rent the videos that available to do so. Somehow the videos I purchased on Cinemanow ended up on that Rovia player that came with that HP computer. The quality is amazing. Those two videos play perfectly on that RoxioNow play. I wish I could rent or buy a few that are listed on the HP Movie store . I can log in,etc. on the Roxio/HP movie store but it won't allow me to purchase any of the videos. The only other question I have, is the Rovi player used on both Cinemanow and Roxio? If that is the case then I will just uninstall the HP Movie Store/Roxio player and just use the Cinemanow site. That's the only question I have. Sorry if I confused everyone but that is the dilemma I'm in Thank you.
  2. GlennS

    Roxionow Help Please

    Ok so just uninstall the HP Movie store? That is the one that is powered by Roxionow.
  3. GlennS

    Roxionow Help Please

    Ok, thank you very much. But can you explain this... Cinemanow came with my HP computer as did the Roxionow player and I originally purchased the videos from Cinemanow but I can play them on the Roxionow player? I know, it's a mess. What do you suggest I do? Thank you.
  4. GlennS

    Roxionow Help Please

    I don't know if I'm even in the right group but I hope someone can help me or direct me to the correct site. I purchased an HP Windows 7 computer about 2 years ago for my mother. As I was helping her with it I discovered it comes with a RoxioNow movie store and it looks excellent with a lot of good videos. I have a Roxio account. Whenever I try to view a trailer or purchase a video I get the following error" Unable to contact the Roxio Store. The Roxio store is currently unavailable. Please retry in a few minute. Well I've been trying the last two weeks and continue to get the same error. Help anyone? Thank you.