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    One Touch Back-Up?

    Hi, folks. I am new here, and relatively computer literate but...will someone PLEASE help me with this? I am simply trying to use the one-touch back-up button, but nothing happens when I press it. I have set up 3 projects (one is a back-up for my flashdrive, one is a back-up for my wife's flashdrive, and one is a back-up of my Music, Pics, and Videos file). I have backed each of them up, but the process seems very complicated--I bought this external drive so I could just press the One-Touch Back-up button once in a while, and that would be that. (In setting-up each of these projects, I clicked the "Run this project whenever one-touch backup button is pressed" box, but when I check the saved project a minute later, the box is magically "unclicked".) Arggghhhh...... How do I do this? It does not work as I have it right now. PLEASE tell me what I am doing wrong or what I am missing! PLEASE! This is very frustrating and the help page has no reference to the one-touch backup. HELP! Thank you. Jay