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  1. Try doing a clean installation of EMC 9. Instructions here.
  2. Liqvid

    Blank Drop Down Menus

    Have you tried a clean install? Also, do you have both version 8 and 9 on the same computer? Having both installed at the same time can cause problems. Try the clean install procedure: http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Creator/000086CR and then just install EMC 9 (not 8). Also, while removing things using the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility be sure to remove the entry labeled: “8.05.30”.
  3. Liqvid

    I Think I Hate Roxio

    Also, make sure your discs aren't being formatted by Drag-to-disc or DLA before you go to burn them.
  4. Liqvid

    Easy Media Creator gold 9 problems

    I think it would be in your best interest to call Roxio's volume licensing department for help. I'm sure they have some sort of batch file so you can install it on.. um... 23000 computers in the exact way you want it to be done without you having to sit there and do it yourself. However, seeing how this is a user forum, I'm pretty sure that no one here is going to know about the Gold version as it is only available from the volume licensing department (at least thats what it looks like on Roxio's website).
  5. Liqvid


    I agree with Lynn. If your program was working without a hitch for a year and a half and now all of a sudden doesn't work then there must be some other factor involved. Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Media Player 11 have been known to cause all sorts of issues with Easy Media Player 7 & 7.5 so Removing them would be a good first step to solving this. For intructions, see this thread: Thread
  6. Liqvid


    I don't know what kind of disc you're trying to burn here, but if it is a data disc then you can just mount it, and burn a Data disc using the files from the mounted image file. Fill the disc with as many of the fiels as you can fit on there and then burn a second disc with the remaining files on it. If it is an audio disc then you can rip the songs to your hard drive and then burn all but one of them on one CD and last one on another CD. Or if it is Video then you could mount it, open Toast, and burn the disc from the Video_TS folders that are in the mounted image file. In other words, you can get around the problem using other methods. Toast won't compress an image file to fit, but (for video) it will compress the contents of the image file.
  7. Liqvid

    Trick to using MyTV ToGo on Vista

    See this knowledge base article reguarding the DLA driver being blocked. Article
  8. Liqvid

    Windows Movie Maker

    In Movie maker, output to a video file such as .avi. Then open MyDVD and add the video you outputted from Movie maker. You can make all your menus and buttons in MyDVD and then burn it to DVD when you're done.
  9. Liqvid

    loop 3 songs in slideshow

    Yes it can be done. In Videowave, make your slideshow as you normally would, then switch to the Timeline view. Press the Add Text button and add the text you want to appear during the slide. Then, using the timeline view, adjust the position and length of time that the text is visible so that it is appears and disappears while the slide you want to add text to is visible. Then just add transitions to the text so that it blends nicely. I believe that will produce the effect you are going for.
  10. Liqvid

    Hard Drive Crash

    I don't know about the hard drive failure, but to BillinAlaska, I believe you can have problems with the stream data thing when copying files to a CD/DVD using Drag-to-disc. If you do it with Creator Classic then it works fine.
  11. You can try the clean install instructions, they should apply to any EMC 9 based program/program suite on Windows Vista. Just don't do the last step where it says to install it again. Clean install instructions
  12. Liqvid

    Does anyone recognize this error?

    Also, did you try a clean install to get 8 to work? Instructions Make sure you follow it exactly, and be warned that it will also remove EMC 7, so make backups of anything you want to keep. Make sure all startup items are disabled including antivirus software.
  13. Thats just the first file that is loaded when installing EMC 7. It is likly that it is not the only damaged file if the cd is damaged. I would try go get the entire package from the download link they provided. Even if it means using a friend's computer/connection and then burning it to a CD and bringing it to your house.
  14. Liqvid

    Adding special effects issues

    Did you try a <a href="http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Creator/000086CR" target="_blank">Clean install</a>? Make sure you install it on a Windows Administrator user account.
  15. Liqvid

    Video Wave TRANSITIONS

    If EMC 9 determines that your videocard is below the minimum requirement then it will set itself to render using Software instead of Hardware. If Software is set as the renderer then certain transitions and effects, such as the ones you mentioned, will be disabled. You can try enabling Hardware rendering by going to Tools > Options in Videowave and/or MyDVD and see if it works, however if you run into problems like encoding videos hangs at 0% or other problems, then you'll have to use Software rendering.