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  1. This product was working fine then suddenly it refuses to burn an audio disc. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the DVD drive, uninstalled and reinstalled RecordNow, Installed any updates, have made sure I have the latest burn engine driver for RecordNow, tried various recordable media brands, tried .mp3 files, .m3u play list files, .wma format, NONE of these attemps to resolve the issue have worked. Rebooting has not worked either. I am running Windows 7 64bit, 4gigs memory. I have included an atachment, unfortuantly I was not able to capture the entire error, only the top half. The error intales "there was a problem writing to the disc". Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. SonicRays88

    Can't Burn Audio Disc"

    Yes IE9 is uninstalled. Still having problems. The Blackbderry Desktop Software I don't beleive is the blackberry software by roxio, as I downloaded the blackberry software directly from the blackberry website. I could be wrong though.
  3. SonicRays88

    Can't Burn Audio Disc"

    Okay, did have IE9 installed, and though the program was working with it, ive just uninstalled it (IE9). The only new software I installed was Blackberry Desktop software, Sony's MediaGo software, Western Digital's data life guard software, and Acronis True Image Western Digital Edtion. All those were installed with in the same day. That is ruffly when the problem started. After JUST uninstalling IE9 now, I am still having burning issue's/
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    Can't Burn Audio Disc"

    after spending sometime doing some probing around...I have done the fallowing things. Check all SATA connections on the DVD drives, burned a data disc successfully using windows native built in burning via windows explorer, burn an audio disc successfully using Easy CD-DA Extractor 2010. I am using version 10 of Roxio RecordNow Music Lab Premier, with update(s) installed. I also managed to capature the lower half of the error message finally, and I have attached it to this post. Any thoughs guys? (and is IE9 still creating problems)
  5. SonicRays88

    Can't Burn Audio Disc"

    Well, I sure hope the drives aren't dieing, there both about 4-6 months old. There both LG Drives. I will check to see if I can use another program to burn a disc. This error is happening to both drives, I forgot to mention that I think, sorry. I did just install a new HDD, and an eSATA card. I will check all the SATA cables at both ends, and update but results. Thank for all for the suggestions...I keep you up to date.
  6. I just purchased RecordNow Music Lab 10 Premier, a few night's ago. I am looking to install any updates, needed but as I see two updates, I am unsure as to which one I should install. On the updates page , I see, "For existing RecordNow Music Lab 10 Premier - Windows 7 Compatible Version users only.", as well I also see "Update RECORDNOW 10 (build : 112B11a, RNM; 112B11A, RNP". Am I to install both of these updates? Or just one? If just one, which one? Also, are there any "tricks" or "tips" after I install, both the main program, and also any updates, as to reduce any chance's of any problems after install(s)? I am currently running Windows 7x64, ATI HD Radeon 4600 graphics (over clocked), Intel Core 2 duo, 4 Gigs. memory, Agnitum (outpost security), Microsoft AV.