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    Deleting files

    If I delete the .MPG files that were used to make a .DMSM file, I'm assuming the .DMSM file won't open in Video Wave. And, If I want to clean things up a bit I need to put the DMSM file and the MPG files used to make it together in a folder. I assuming an iso file will stand alone. Am I right? It also appears that the windows erase disk function will not work on a DVD-RW disk burned with VW. I ask this because, when I right click on the drive with the disk in it and click on "erase disk", it dosen't work.
  2. I'm working in video wave 8 and noticed that, when I hit CTRL+S, it doesn't save the project. I have to use FILE => save. Does something need to be turned on? I've also noticed the program crashed about 3 times. Once right to the blue screen of death. Any help on that?
  3. Jim B

    Hot button dosen't work

    Yes it's listed. I working on a previously saved file. I've tried to use it after making changes. I've got Directx 9C. I'll look into video card updates. Thanks
  4. Jim B

    To all newbies

    No ahah's, A whole bunch of "well that didn't work's" and assorted fumblings. Oh, and make sure you keep a note-book.
  5. Jim B

    To all newbies

    Stick with it. It took me 20 hrs to finally make a DVD. If I may presume to offer a couple of tips. 1. Put the "manual" that came with EMC-8 on the shelf 2. Buy a copy of "Roxio easy media creator 8 for dummies" by Greg Harvey. It contains detailed step-by-step instructions on how to do stuff. 3. Spend a lot of time on this board.
  6. Jim B

    MyDVD plus

    With this program, I can connect my Hi8 camcorder to my computer using the S-video and audio jacks on it and capture video without a converter. Something called a "Hauppauge Win TV PCI II" is the capture device and "HD-DVD Quality" is the capture setting as stated in the program. (This is beyond my expertize.) I asked the question here because, when I tried to send it to Sonic, I was told I would have to register my product. When I tried to do that, I got an error message. (Just luv 'em.) So I called them. I was told that the version 9 software would only support Firewire. So I don't upgrade. I have a little box made by ADS called a video express. It attaches to a USB port and does the analog to digital conversion. It works, but the capture quality isn't as good unless I go with an AVI file. I'd really like to thank this board and especially you for the help I've gotten here. Thanks again
  7. Jim B

    MyDVD plus

    My computer came with a program called MyDVD Plus ver 6.2.0 by Sonic. Since my Hi8 camcorder does not have a firewire connection, I can use MyDVD to capture video from it using a S-video connection. I can upgrade my program to version 9. Does anyone know if version 9 will still support my S-video connection or will it reqire a firewire connection? TIA Jim Birke
  8. Jim B

    video sound volume

    I added several video clips, captured from my camcorder, to a production I'm working on in VW8. When I previewed them, they played fine. I saved the project. When I previewed them after that, The audo level was at 0. (I may have hit something to cause this, but I don't know what.) Is there a way to adjust the volume on all the clips at once or do they have to be done individually? I've tried to edit background audio, but it's grayed out. Thanks, Jim Birke
  9. Jim B


    Just a newbe asking silly questions. More to come. I noticed some pixelation in the preview that's why I asked. I will burn a test project and see how it looks. Thanks
  10. Jim B


    When you zoom in on a scene, It looks like, to me, that you are just cropping it. True - false? Thanks, Jim Birke
  11. Jim B

    burn DVD without menu

    I can't figure out how to burn a video wave production to a DVD without a menu. I'd like to have the DVD start playing the production as soon as its inserted in the player. My DVD starts with a default menu. How do I get rid of it? Thanks, Jim Birke
  12. I have a Samsung SCL906 Hi8 camcorder. It's attached to my computer with a svideo cable and a RCA type plug in the audio L input (it's a monaural sound camera) I can preview and capture video, but not sound, using Windows movie maker. I can do nothing with Roxio media import. What do I need to do? Thanks, Jim B.
  13. Jim B

    Newbie with a video capture question

    Would you suggest a make and model for a capture card?
  14. Jim B


    I recently purchased a HP media center computer. The following program came installed on it. I've used it but it's kind of "clunky" and dosen't seem have a lot of features. Module Name: Sonic DigitalMedia Plus v7 Build: 2.4.11a Serial Number: SC-621B91K Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2005 I want to upgrade to something better. I'm mainly interested in editing videos. I think that Videowave 8 will do all that I want. There is also Easy Media Creator 8 Deluxe Suite, it's also twice the price and I don't need the "Dazzle" gaget. Is there any reason I should choose it over Videowave?